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Transform the back office
As an insurance industry professional, you’re faced with maintaining and administering legacy systems while developing new business. We can provide you with tailored solutions to help you transform your operation. With Dell as your trusted partner and Third-Party Administrator (TPA), you can focus on your core business and let us handle your back-office processes. You can count on Dell and LifeSys, whether you're looking for policy administration, business intelligence, legacy system modernization or application development. Let Dell be an extension of your operations team. We can perform day-to-day tasks, including new business processing, policy administration, claims processing and more.

Our team of insurance and technology professionals can provide the domain expertise to help you solve your most daunting challenges:
  • Launch new products more quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost.
  • Move from a fixed-administration cost model to a variable cost model for closed blocks so that as your business revenue decreases, so does cost.
  • Consolidate multiple administration systems to one proven platform for all products.
  • Take advantage of a global delivery model and economies of scale by one of the industry’s largest TPAs.
  • Quickly ramp up administration staff to handle increased volumes.
  • Focus resources on core objectives and grow your business.
  • Promote and protect your brand with social media.
  • Mitigate the challenges of mobility.

Update your policy administration system

To position your company ahead of the market, your technology environment must be flexible enough to meet multiple challenges quickly and effectively. Move on from traditional policy administration systems. LifeSys is a proven solution that can help you adhere to ever-changing regulations while meeting the expectations of your evolving customer base and the demands of your distribution force. With the right solution, you can curb rising administration costs and never lose sight of your highest priority insurance business objectives.

Want to keep your code? Dell’s application modernization team can update your environment with application rationalization, rearchitecting and rehosting.

Profit from effective outsourcing
While offshore-only Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is cost effective, you can’t always count on a consistent, high-quality customer experience. And an onshore-only model can be costly. Effective BPO, including a flexible global delivery model, can be your most powerful tool for redefining cost structures. Join the group of nearly 30 other carriers who have transformed their businesses with LifeSys:
  • Cut operational costs by significant percentages.
  • Improve efficiency with proven systems and processes.
  • Deliver service quickly and exceed customer expectations.
  • Make reliable predictions about business expenses.
  • Focus on what matters — growth.

Let Dell handle your discrete business functions on our system or yours:

  • Maintain compliance with changing regulations, including unclaimed property.
  • Lower your operational costs and expedite new business processes with data entry, imaging and indexing staff augmentation.
  • Transform your application testing processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness by using our insurance domain expertise.
  • Combine bill files from multiple platforms or multiple carriers into a single output bill for individuals or employers.
  • Leverage your call center with our experienced, insurance-knowledgeable resources, located in Lincoln, NE.

Choose to maintain the profitability of closed blocks of business by converting to Dell’s LifeSys platform and transitioning from a fixed to a variable cost structure. We assume full administrative responsibility for the blocks so you can redirect resources to strategic endeavors.

Get to market faster
Take your new and innovative products and features to market in a fraction of the time and cost of doing so internally. Our experienced insurance team delivers a fully packaged, yet flexible and customizable solution. Improve your business by enhancing speed-to-market and capturing market share ahead of the competition.

Retire legacy platforms
Legacy system limitations, the high cost of modifications and a lack of resources can stymie your efforts to launch new products and effectively manage closed blocks. You can move beyond the limitations of your current policy administration system, IT staff and facility space to grow your innovative product offering. We will analyze your current state and consult with you through the process of designing the solution that’s right for you.

Take advantage of new distribution channels
Our expertise in the exchange arena allows us to consult with you individually, and then provide the custom technology and service solution you need to be successful. Our solution includes a consolidated customer experience with combined billing, consolidated commission processing and a single servicing team for back-office processes and call center functions.

Grow your customer base and protect your brand through social media
Discover brand awareness strategies that can change the face of your business. We offer social media consulting, listening services and more to help your organization stay competitive and protect your reputation.

Claims Transformation Services
We help insurance carriers streamline their claim processes and implement modern tools and technology solutions that help them reduce costs, improve customer experience and measure claim results accurately. Our platform-independent, architecture-neutral open solutions help carriers worldwide in optimizing their claims operations.

Dell provides the following Claims Transformation Services:

  • Claims Process Catalogue — A library of optimized claims processes with predefined workflows tailored to identify and mitigate key issues early in the claims cycle. 
  • Online Claims Portal Framework — First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and claims progress tracking capabilities including Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) integration with backend policy administration systems and third party systems. 
  • Testing Framework — Comprehensive testing of claims functionalities for all product lines through reusable automation frameworks, tool utilities and solution accelerators. 
  • Application Modernization Services — Complete services for re-hosting, re-architecture, application extension, package replacement and portfolio assessment.

Get mobile
Our mobility team can help you develop a custom strategy for your dynamic mobile business needs, including native, hybrid or web applications. After we develop the solution that’s right for you, we provide testing services, mobile device management and application support.

Want to learn more about the power and potential of Dell LifeSys for the insurance domain? Contact a Dell expert to learn more.


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