Student Response Systems

Student Response Systems
Students express their opinions electronically every day, whether they're tweeting about a favorite band or commenting on an online video.

In the classroom, however, they usually aren't as eager to speak up — especially in response to the teachers' questions. Engaging these digital learners to provide feedback requires meeting them on their own turf — through technology.

Dell offers student response systems that keep students' attention in class and get them excited about learning.

Teachers can use a response system to poll students before, during or after lessons. Students respond using either a "clicker" device or software on their computers.

With a student response system:
  • Students are empowered to take control of their own progress — they can gain insight into areas where they need help and seek it out.
  • Students who are reluctant to speak in class can respond to teachers' questions in anonymity.
  • Teachers can do real-time assessments of students' collective and individual comprehension of a lesson, and use that information to adjust the lesson plan or provide personalized instruction.
Dell offers two options in student response systems: student response devices "clickers" or software you can install on your Dell systems using Intel® technology. Contact us now to determine which option is right for your schools.
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