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Educators are envisioning a new learning environment for their districts. In it, students can take ownership of their learning using resources aligned with their needs and interests. Learning is engaging yet challenging and breaks free from a set schedule, with 24x7 access to educational resources.

The Dell Learning Platform for K-12, developed in collaboration with Intel, helps your district bring this vision to life. The platform enables you to access diverse educational technology resources — learning management systems, digital curriculum, grade book, student information systems and collaboration tools — through one intuitive interface.

A single interface to many resources
With the Dell Learning Platform:
  • Teachers can tap into diverse educational resources from one interface.
  • Students can take ownership of their learning through lessons, grades, collaboration tools and teacher-directed resources.
  • Administrators can access information from education data management and student information systems.
  • Students can discuss classroom content with teachers and peers, using their device of choice.
  • Teachers can layer content modules with required curricula and share best practices across subject areas.
A robust, secure platform that engages students
The Learning Platform uses a standards-based approach to integrate content, and academic and learning tools. Key features include:
  • An intuitive, customized role-based interface to enable students, teachers, administrators and parents to share content.
  • Flexible deployment in a private secure cloud or your data center.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous learning support, so students can engage with materials on their own terms.
  • Single sign-on access to learning tools and digital assets.
  • A standards-based e-portfolio system that allows students to show mastery of learning in multiple ways.
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