Wireless Networking

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Fast, reliable access to digital tools and resources

It's a brave new world for today's digital learners. Using their mobile devices, they are interacting with each other, creating new types of audio, video and animated content, and tapping into vast storehouses of information. Educators are recognizing the potential of these technologies for instructional purposes and for enhancing creativity and collaboration among students.

But to take advantage of these opportunities, school districts need to provide fast, secure access to digital tools and content — supported by a wireless infrastructure that is up to the task.

Dell offers the IT Simplification Assessment to analyze your current network infrastructure, find pain points, and then recommend a future mode of operation to improve efficiency and significantly reduce your IT costs. And, even after your network is deployed, Dell offers ongoing networking services to help you keep an optimized network to serve growing demand.

For your wireless network, the Dell PowerConnect™ W-Series wireless network platforms provide high-performance connectivity that meets district requirements for security, privacy, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Designed to match the specific performance and productivity needs of K-12 campuses, the PowerConnect W-Series:

  • Is based on the 802.11n network standard, enabling improved capacity and performance, increased range, enhanced reliability and reduced costs.
  • Provides centralized management, so IT staff can avoid manual configuration and use automated software updates, reducing management time and costs.
  • Features flexible wireless management and access for both small and large environments.
  • Offers an optional suite of management features enabling simplified control and quick expansion of networks and reduction of tools to support them.

Contact us now to find out how fast, efficient wireless networking from Dell can provide your students and teachers seamless access to online resources — with no disruptions to teaching and learning.