Getting the most from your professional learning program

Learning is a lifelong process, for educators as well as for the students they teach.

So when school districts are designing technology-based professional learning programs, they need to look beyond an occasional conference or teachers’ association luncheon.

An effective program must include a mix of ongoing activities that build upon each other to positively impact teaching practices and student learning in the classroom. Dell Professional Learning Services takes this approach when helping school districts develop their professional learning programs. Using Learning Forward standards as a foundation, Dell has defined three categories of professional learning activities: experiences, training and professional development.

Dell’s education experts help districts select the right combination of activities from all three categories to meet desired professional learning outcomes.


Examples of learning activities 

Experiences allow educators to explore new learning tools and teaching methods. They can provide background and context but aren’t intended to change teaching practices or affect student learning.
  • Guest speakers at meetings
  • Team building activities
  • Books
  • Articles
  • Visioning Days
Training is designed to change teaching practices in some way, such as helping educators successfully use a new application, technology or teaching method in the classroom. It does not affect student learning.
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Courses
  • Independent study modules
  • Facilitated modules
  • Face-to-face delivery
Professional Development provides a process-based approach to impact daily teaching practice and student achievement. Since a school’s ultimate goal is student learning, this is the area that Dell emphasizes the most.
  • Professional learning community
  • School-wide teaching/learning initiatives
  • Topic-specific study groups
  • Book study via a study group
  • Summer institutes

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