Our OTC Derivatives Trading and Clearing Solution relies on EDGE Marketplace, a purpose-built and highly configurable software framework from our partner Baymarkets™. This execution and negotiation platform enables multilateral trade execution and minimizes counterparty risk with these features:

  • Central order matching
  • Request-for-quote (RFQ) functionalities that support two-way quotes for buying and selling
  • Capacity to handle most asset classes (interest rates swaps, credit default swaps, commodities, FX and equities)
  • Ability to handle multiple products and instruments (spots, futures/forwards, swaps and options)
  • Built-in intelligence for evaluating OTC strategies (butterfly spreads, straddles, strips and more, plus custom user-created strategies)
  • Liquidity for your clients by capturing internal and external orders and accelerating price-making
  • Automatic crossing or clearing so your clients can block trade on exchange or clear through a clearinghouse
  • Straight-through-processing (STP) to send automated confirmations to clients’ back-office system
  • Front-office integration to flow price and trade information directly into clients’ pricing models, risk management systems and credit management software
  • Filtering so that your clients can concentrate on only the prices of interest to them
  • Autoquoting so that your clients can connect algorithmic trading software to our platform
In addition, the platform’s Clearing Gateway module performs these tasks:
  • Provides connectivity to multiple CCPs such as CME ClearPort, LCH.Clearnet, NasdaqOMX Secur™ and NOS
  • Supports users in the design and creation of customized confirmations, trade reports, invoices and audit trails
The platform’s Credit Filter for Risk Management module accomplishes these goals:
  • Validates counterparties’ credit limit in real time through margining algorithms
  • Performs batch updates for multiple counterparties and markets
  • Blocks trading by ineligible counterparties in real time
  • Maintains straight STP to clearinghouses

Technical features include:

  • Client-server platform, hosted or customer site deployment and cross-platform compatibility
  • Fully Java/JEE-based code
  • Ability to work through firewalls and proxies
  • Open API for easy integration with clearing and back-office systems and with recent releases of the FIX connectivity protocols
  • Easy configurability to a bank, brokerage or exchange environment
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