Upstream Exploration

Most energy professionals today are under intense pressure to increase productivity and reduce operating expenses — while meeting industry challenges amidst demanding environmental concerns. This requires an ever-increasing level of collaboration and data-driven decision making to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

Finding and exploring oil and gas reserves is a complex process requiring collaboration between many disciplines. Your IT organization plays a critical role in exploration and production by deploying and integrating innovative technologies to capture, analyze and store seismic data — so you can focus on discovering the next big asset.

Dell's direct and ongoing involvement with oil and gas customers and partner ISVs keeps us informed on industry challenges and priorities. We know you need exploration solutions that support advanced processing performance, detailed graphics, reliable data storage and vast memory accessibility to handle the magnitude of research-generated information. You need to know you’re drilling in the right place for maximum output. Dell Upstream Exploration solutions, combined with your advanced applications, can help you make critical decisions quickly and accurately. Dell Upstream Exploration solutions include the following products and services:
  • Dell Precision workstations are designed specifically to address the needs of your industry by combining the functionality and reliability you need with robust features to handle the office and field conditions you face daily.
  • Dell High-Performance Computing solutions combine multiple systems to perform complex calculations, so you can achieve a supercomputer’s performance level — without the cost.
  • Dell Connected Security solutions enable you to connect and share intelligence across the entire enterprise.
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 WorkstationWorkstation Advisor
Dell Precision Workstation Advisor helps you choose best configuration to suit your needs.
Energy See more and do more with Dell Ultra HD monitors
Focus on the finest details with the precision and clarity you need
WorkstationDell Precision Workstations
Dell Precision Workstations are built for top performance – from advanced analysis to engineering, animation or product and building design.
HPCDell HPC Solutions
Support even the most massive computing requirements with High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions from Dell. Dell HPC solutions combine multiple systems to perform complex calculations, so you can achieve a supercomputer’s performance level — without the cost.
SecurityDell Connected Security
With Dell Connected Security, security becomes a business enabler that helps you connect and share intelligence across the entire enterprise. Boost IT productivity while protecting sensitive information, supporting compliance and maintaining business operations.
  1. ffA

    Dell and ffA

    Reduce exploration and development risks and improve business performance with data-driven, interpreter-guided oil and gas solutions.

  2. Parallels

    Dell and Parallels

    Power through your high-performance, graphics-intensive workflows with innovation, efficient desktop virtualization solutions.

  3. Dell and NVIDIA

    Dell and NVIDIA

    Solve even your most complex visual computing challenges with computer-aided design (CAD) and engineering, industrial design, as well as content creation, animation and special-effects solutions.

  4. intel logo

    Dell and Intel


    Our high-performance solutions enable professionals across a wide array of industries to accelerate their innovation.

  5. Dell and Halliburton|Landmark

    Dell and Halliburton | Landmark

    Get innovative, efficient, open integration upstream oil and gas solutions for exploration, drilling and production.

  6. Dell and esri

    Dell and Esri

    Address social, economic, business and environmental concerns at local, regional, national and global scales with simple, highly automated Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions.

  7. Dynamic Graphics

    Dell and Dynamic Graphics

    Solve spatial analysis problems in the petroleum, environmental and earth-related sciences with reliable, easy-to-use solutions.

  8. Dell and Barco

    Dell and Barco

    Get high-grade visualization solutions for medical imaging that provide superior image quality, flexible cost-conscious service options and proactive notification of quality issues.