Upstream Exploration

Upstream Exploration
Most energy professionals today are under intense pressure to increase productivity and reduce operating expenses — while meeting industry challenges amidst demanding environmental concerns. This requires an ever-increasing level of collaboration and data-driven decision making to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

Finding and exploring oil and gas reserves is a complex process requiring collaboration between many disciplines. Your IT organization plays a critical role in exploration and production by deploying and integrating innovative technologies to capture, analyze and store seismic data — so you can focus on discovering the next big asset.

Dell's direct and ongoing involvement with oil and gas customers and partner ISVs keeps us informed on industry challenges and priorities. We know you need exploration solutions that support advanced processing performance, detailed graphics, reliable data storage and vast memory accessibility to handle the magnitude of research-generated information. You need to know you’re drilling in the right place for maximum output. Dell Upstream Exploration solutions, combined with your advanced applications, can help you make critical decisions quickly and accurately. Dell Upstream Exploration solutions include the following products and services:
  • Dell Precision workstations are designed specifically to address the needs of your industry by combining the functionality and reliability you need with robust features to handle the office and field conditions you face daily.
  • Dell High-Performance Computing solutions combine multiple systems to perform complex calculations, so you can achieve a supercomputer’s performance level — without the cost.
  • Dell Connected Security solutions enable you to connect and share intelligence across the entire enterprise.
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