PCI Compliance

The Dell SecureWorks PCI Compliance solution helps secure your network, protect sensitive cardholder information and achieve PCI compliance.

Service Description
This PCI Compliance solution allows merchants to complete all PCI validation requirements. You can easily complete and submit the PCI questionnaire online and perform pre-defined PCI security scans on all external systems to identify and resolve system and application vulnerabilities as required by the PCI DSS Compliance Standard.

Service Features
  • 5x8 technical support provided by a team of dedicated PCI security professionals
  • Scheduling, configuration and management of scans
  • Remediation advice and support
  • Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) attestations
  • Integration into Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Platform (CTP) Portal
The PCI DSS Security service is delivered via the cloud with no software to install or maintain and is fully manageable from a web browser.

Pricing and License Model Information
  • PCI Compliance Scanning for up to 16 external IP addresses
  • Quarterly PCI compliance scanning (ASV) for specific applications hosted on externally-accessible IP addresses
  • Scanning is conducted by scanners hosted at SecureWorks
  • Up to 16 IP addresses included
  • You must own the IP addresses
  • PCI scan profiles are fixed
  • May scan as often as you like prior to submitting results
  • Service includes a scan report & submission capability
  • Available online in the US only

Benefits of PCI Compliance include:

  • Scheduling, configuration and management of scans
  • Approved Scanning Vendor attestations
  • Advice from Security Experts