Penetration Testing

Dell SecureWorks Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) services help you test your network security defenses and comply with government or industry regulations. A penetration test determines how well your organization's information security policies protect your assets by trying to gain access to your network and information assets in the same way a cyber attacker would.

Leveraging compiled cyber threat intelligence, we know what cyber-attacks are out there, and which are the most commonly used against companies like yours. Customers use the results of a Penetration Test to reduce exposed vulnerabilities and better protect their technology assets.

Penetration Test Service Description
Dell SecureWorks IT security personnel will work with you to establish a target window for the penetration test. Then, using a variety of tools and techniques, Dell SecureWorks personnel will attempt to breach your network and systems remotely (i.e., across the Internet) using any vulnerabilities they can discover. At the end of the penetration test, the team will deliver a report providing detailed information about the level of access they were able to gain, the methods they used to do so, and recommendations for improvement.

Pen Test Pricing and License Model Information
  • SecureWorks IT security services personnel will conduct an active, remote network security assessment based upon specified IP addresses and will attempt to gain unauthorized access to these systems
  • You must own the IP addresses being assessed
  • Report will be provided at end of the pen test outlining any security issues discovered and recommendations to address these issues
  • Penetration Testing Service available online in the US only
  • Pricing is dependent upon the number of IPs included

Benefits of Penetration Testing include:

  • Assess Vulnerabilities
  • Test Defenses
  • Comply with Regulations