Develop Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operations

As global competition accelerates and customers become more demanding, manufacturers must constantly evolve by leveraging critical data sources and continuous feedback. Dell boosts efficiency by providing technology-enabled processes that connect businesses and manufacturers with their customers. This added level of intelligence will enable you to effectively predict demand and control costs, leverage global efficiencies and maximize profitability.

Dell delivers tailored process solutions to deliver an intelligent operation that will:
  • Predict Demand and Control Costs — Differentiate your customer base with analytics, such as supplier and customer segmentation and stratification to manage inventory; plan production and distribution; and optimize pricing
  • Leverage Global Efficiencies — Neutralize fluctuations in commodity availability or prices, swings in currencies, or other uncontrollable geopolitical or natural events to find products or partners that keep the supply chain moving
  • Maximize Profitability — Quickly rebalance product portfolios, adjust pricing, change market strategies, allocate resources and optimize sourcing to increase margins as market dynamics become increasingly volatile

Solutions Spotlight

MES Dell Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
Dell MES solutions provide end-to-end consulting services for MES implementation, customization, integration and support for both process and discrete manufacturing.
CRM Dell CRM Practice
Dell CRM solutions store and manage contact information as well as track the interaction that your customers have with each contact. With a single view of the customer and tools that streamline and automate everyday sales processes, manufacturers can promote shorter sales cycles, higher close rates and improved customer retention.
ProVe Dell Product & Profit Analytics
Dell software solutions help manufacturers maximize profitability by utilizing real-time "what if" simulations and financial impact analysis. By rebalancing product portfolios, adjusting pricing, changing market strategies, allocating manufacturing resources and optimizing sourcing strategies, manufacturers can efficiently increase margins in a constantly changing, global economic environment.
Analytics SAP/HANA
Dell SAP/HANA solution is based on in-memory technology and significantly accelerates data access in transaction-heavy environments. This allows manufacturers to leverage the most current data available when making critical decisions.
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