Pan Bank Rewards Consulting

Pan-Bank Rewards Consulting

Bank spending on loyalty programs is increasing at an average annual rate of 15 percent.* Is your organization getting the most from its investment?

Dell knows that an effective loyalty program fosters a continuous dialog with your customer with a mutually beneficial purpose. We target the best customers and reward beneficial behavior through customer segmentation, analysis, refinement of promotions and concentration of effort on sustainability.

Consult with Dell to:

  • Launch, track and manage multiple programs, promotions and campaigns. Cut time to market and become noticeably responsive to customer feedback. Tailor delivery to high-value market segments. Achieve a system that is configurable at the level of business analyst.

  • Link rewards across multiple accounts. Give your clients the customization they want, accomplish gains by householding and encourage linkages that support broad relationship development.

  • Leverage merchant participation. Jumpstart your program’s popularity with customers by combining point bonus with product savings — an easy concept to promote.

  • Expand your product and feature set incrementally. Launch and learn: expand your definition of loyalty to reward transaction- and non-transaction-based events, then measure. Based on the results, blend offerings, online banking, loans, insurance, investment services and more.

  • Provide your market with a unique customer experience. Benefit from Dell’s single vision of customer rewards; our consistent channel integration; our seamless redemption integration; our capacity for partnering and our flexible approach to capturing a variety of specific target segments.

  • Create sustainable differentiators in the market by providing multiple redemption options. Our flexibility and long-term view are your keys to success.
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