Dell Active System Manager

Simplify and automate IT service delivery

What if you could transform your IT environment from a cost center to an innovative service provider that empowers your business? Dell Active System Manager enables service-centric IT by helping you deliver the IT services your users demand — rapidly and efficiently.

Simplify and automate IT service delivery When your IT team struggles to manage a complex mix of platforms from a variety of vendors with multiple consoles, you often spend more time maintaining than innovating. Manual and disconnected IT processes can result in unpredictable service levels, missed business opportunities and users frustrated by the amount of time it takes for IT to roll out services.
Active System Manager's unified console and highly intuitive user interface automate the deployment and management of IT services, allowing you to configure infrastructure and applications in minutes. This speeds up workload delivery, streamlines infrastructure provisioning and helps you improve service levels.

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Use your infrastructure more fully and efficiently

Use your infrastructure more fully and efficiently From fast, easy hardware onboarding to comprehensive lifecycle management of your physical and virtual infrastructure, Active System Manager maximizes data center efficiency. Discover and deploy new infrastructure quickly with guided workflows and a wizard-driven graphical interface. Optimize utilization by pooling server, storage and network resources that can be allocated to users on demand, then release unused components back into resource pools.
Active System Manager helps you standardize processes with template-based provisioning and orchestration, which ensures accurate and consistent IT service delivery and configuration. Capturing best practices into service templates ensures reliable and repeatable infrastructure and workload deployments.

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Unify management of existing and new IT resources

Unify management of existing and new IT resources The open and extensible architecture of Active System Manager allows you to leverage existing IT investments. With support for infrastructure from multiple vendors, Active System Manager helps unify the management of IT resources for increased efficiency and simplicity in the data center. And with published RESTful APIs, Active System Manager delivers ecosystem enablement for comprehensive integration capabilities and template portability.

Active System Manager delivers deep integration with top third-party virtualization platforms and can manage cluster-level and virtual machine (VM) lifecycles for VMware© vSphere© and Microsoft© Hyper-V© platforms. Reduce time and effort with end-to-end automation of tasks extended through to the virtualization layer.

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Seamlessly deliver private cloud workloads

Seamlessly deliver private cloud workloads Active System Manager delivers comprehensive workload and infrastructure provisioning that spans compute, network, storage, virtualization, OS, and application layers. The provisioning of workloads and their underlying infrastructure with the ability to scale resources up and down as needed makes it easy to keep up with changing user and workload demands.
For building private clouds, Active System Manager delivers the foundational capabilities required for dynamic, on-demand provisioning of resources from shared pools. This ability to create and maintain a shared resource pool is the basic building block that enables elasticity and nimbleness for your private cloud.

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Integrated, future-ready IT automation

Integrated, future-ready IT automation Active System Manager delivers top-down, service-centric IT automation that spans both physical and virtual infrastructure — encompassing everything from servers, networking, and storage to virtual machines, clusters and applications, Designed with IT administrators in mind, it offers a unified, comprehensive user experience for the deployment and ongoing lifecycle management of shared or converged infrastructure.

With its flexible and extensible architecture and support for heterogeneous IT environments, Active System Manager integrates with the IT of today and tomorrow. You can unify existing IT investments and maintain the flexibility to adopt new technology and new business initiatives in the future.
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