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Jeff Rucker                               Jeff Rucker
                               Managing Director
                               Dell North America Manufacturing Services Sales
                               Topic: Top IT Service trends for NA Manufacturers

Jeff Rucker serves as the Managing Director for Dell’s North American Manufacturing Services Group. In this role, Jeff is responsible for managing Dell’s relationships for managed services in application management, business consulting and outsourcing services. Jeff works with Dell’s top teams to help manufacturing customers become more innovative, more adaptive and leverage data more effectively. Prior to Dell, Jeff spent over 5 years with Industrial Molding, 10 years with General Motors and EDS and 8 years with Perot Services.

Blake Gonzales                            Blake Gonzales
                            HPC Computer Scientist
                            High Performance Computing
                            Topic: HPC Best Practices for CAE Application Performance
                            and System Reliability

Blake Gonzales is a High Performance Computing Scientist at Dell. Previously, he worked at ATK Aerospace Group and at Texas Instruments Defense Systems. He has worked with many operating systems, schedulers, cluster management software applications, file systems and engineering applications, including Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Crash Analysis and Multi-Physics/Shock/Detonation.

Michael Harmon                            Michael Harmon
                            Director of Engineering Solutions
                            Dell Innovation Services
                            Topics: Advances in Virtual Product Development using High Performance Computing (HPC),
Accelerating Time to Market with Technology and Services, Case studies
                            in how Smaller Manufacturers access Advanced Technologies

Mike Harmon is Director of Dell’s Innovation Services (DIS) organization. Mike was a partner in the original private engineering services firm, eServ, which was first acquired by Perot Systems and then by Dell Services. Mike has worked in nearly every mechanical engineering job from drafter to chief engineer, which gives him a unique perspective. Mike understands modern technology and adheres to lean principles for product development and manufacturing.

Matthew Mikell                            Matthew Mikell
                            Cloud Evangelist
                            Services Marketing
                            Topic: Ten cloud impacts and outcomes on manufacturing leadership

Matthew Mikell is a Cloud Evangelist with Dell, providing leadership, customer support and future perspectives for cloud computing. He has over 20 years of experience in international software, alliances and product marketing. Previous to Dell, Matthew spent 15 years with analytics vendor SAS in product marketing roles.

Jay Monahan                            Jay Monahan
                            Director, SAP Practice – Global SAP Shop Floor Lead
                            Dell Enterprise Application Services
                            Topic: Trends on the Digital Shop Floor

With over 15 years of consulting experience, Jay Monahan is a SAP Director for Dell, focused on SAP Manufacturing solutions. He is responsible for leading the SAP Shop Floor Practices in North America, EMEA and India, leveraging SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII), SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME) software solutions.

Bill Popp                            Bill Popp
                            Vice President, Global Manufacturing Sales
                            Dell Global G500
                            Topic: Top IT trends for Fortune 500 manufacturers

Bill Popp serves as Vice President of global Manufacturing sales for Dell’s Global 500 Group. In this role, Bill is responsible for managing Dell’s relationships with its largest global manufacturing customers. Bill has previously held executive sales management positions managing relationships with specific large business segments in distribution, transportation, and telecommunications.

Liam Quinn                            Liam Quinn
                            Executive Director/ Dell Fellow
                            End User Computing Technology Strategy
                            Topic: Dell’s Perspective on the Internet of Things

Liam Quinn is an Executive Director in the End User Computing CTO Group, responsible for leading the technology strategy development across client platforms. Mr. Quinn is a Dell Fellow with Dell, providing innovation leadership to Dell’s engineering community, as well as driving technology strategies with technology partners and customers.


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