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Get lean, get efficient

Lean has become a way of life for today’s manufacturers — the challenging economic conditions of recent years have made doing more with less a not just a mantra, but a necessity for survival. IT is at the center of this movement, tasked with driving efficiency not only in its own operations, but company-wide. You’re being asked to answer bigger questions, such as:
  • How can we reduce our IT and operational complexity?
  • How can we replace capital expenditures (CAPEX) with operational expenditures (OPEX) and gain scale?
  • How can we help the company maximize its operational efficiency?
Dell has the right combination of solutions to help you achieve significant improvements in manageability, affordability, reliability and scalability for your manufacturing organization.

Consolidate and virtualize the desktop
How IT is managed from a financial standpoint has fundamentally changed — because of financial uncertainty, efforts are now focused on avoiding CAPEX, moving to variable OPEX, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and mitigating risk. Desktop virtualization can help IT departments:
  • Reduce variability and complexity
  • Make IT faster and more adaptable and more reliable
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase security through centralizing data in the data center
Transform the workforce with mobility and BYOD
New technologies have changed how manufacturers interact with their global workforce, which is now more mobile and distributed than ever — whether employees are on the production floor or working from home. In addition, employees now expect their IT resources at work to provide the same level of choice, customization and power as they do at home. Our thin client and rugged tablet solutions can help employees:
  • Embrace new models of collaboration
  • Be more productive with anytime, anywhere access to information
Leverage the cloud
Many companies are trying to figure out how to incorporate cloud services into their IT infrastructures, hoping to capitalize on key economic and operational benefits. Virtualization is an enabling technology, a fundamental building block toward enabling IT to deliver services internally using a private-cloud model. Our cloud solutions can help provide greater flexibility, scalability and resiliency:
  • Enable agility and innovation
  • Secure collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers
  • Deliver IT and applications on-demand
  • Automate management
Contact a Dell manufacturing expert to learn how our manufacturing IT solutions can help you standardize, simplify and automate to drive scale and efficiency.
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Manufacturing news from Tech Page One

  1. Application Mod

    Application Modernization

    Dell can help you reduce costs and increase business agility with an updated and standardized IT environment.

  2. Desktop Virtualization

    Desktop Virtualization

    Make your vital corporate data more secure by centralizing it in the data center and free up IT resources from the chore of desk-side maintenance.

  3. Mobile BYOD

    Mobile/BYOD Solutions

    Increase your team’s productivity by giving them an in-the-office connectivity experience even when they’re out in the field.

  4. Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

    Our cloud solutions can help you reduce enterprise costs and IT capital expenditures (CAPEX) while gaining capacity to grow your business.

  5. Security


    Dell Connected Security eliminates silos of security information, connecting security across your data, infrastructure and applications with our data, network, endpoint and security services solutions.


  1. 2013-freescale-10013148.jpg

    Freescale Semiconductor - Video


    See how Freescale Semiconductor transformed its delivery of secure, high-performance engineering apps and reduced its IT service delivery costs by 30 percent by deploying a virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution.

Case Studies

  1. Click here to read PDF

    Bio-PAPPEL simplifies systems management and increases staff productivity


    Paper manufacturer deploys Dell KACE K1000 and K2000 to increase IT control and insight. By doing so, the company boosts desktop performance and reliability, facilitates up to 190 more software updates in one hour, and saves $60,000 in yearly travel costs.

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    Trico Corporation upgrades to VRTX, saving space, power, and time


    Manufacturer raises user satisfaction, customer responsiveness and application reliability, while reducing space, power and IT admin, with the Dell PowerEdge VRTX platform, integrating servers, storage, networking and management into one compact chassis.

  3. Click here to read PDF

    ATMI upgrades IT for growth and efficiency


    Manufacturer deploys Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell Compellent storage, Dell Networking switches and Dell AppAssure data protection software to gain efficiency, add capacity, and cut costs.

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    Freescale Semiconductor


    Global embedded hardware developer replaces 18 global data centers with a centralized virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) built on Dell™ technology. The Dell VDI reduces IT costs and provides “in the office” app performance for globally distributed engineers.