From the server room to the shop floor, technology is changing the most critical functions within the manufacturing industry at a faster rate than ever before. Engineers are modeling, simulating, testing and improving new products before they create even a single physical prototype. Manufacturers are becoming more predictive around maintenance, quality and efficiency. Marketers are becoming more analytical and responsive, using social media and customer relationship management (CRM) metrics to listen for and provide the types of information customers are seeking.

Whether your role involves data science, digital manufacturing, engineering or IT, rely on Dell to provide the right solutions to keep your manufacturing operations moving forward.

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  1. Data Scientist

    Data Science

    Get connected to your data and your customers — turn information into actionable intelligence with Dell data science solutions for manufacturing.

  2. Digital Manufacturing

    Digital Manufacturing

    Can technology help drive forward decades of industrial engineering efforts to improve the ergonomics, health and safety of factory floors? Our digital manufacturing solutions can help create safer, more efficient and more intelligent manufacturing.

  3. Engineering


    Gain the competitive edge — get your engineering team’s ideas designed, prototyped and on the market faster with Dell manufacturing solutions.

  4. IT

    Information Technology

    Drive scale and efficiency and lower your TCO — simplify and standardize your manufacturing IT with manageable, affordable solutions from Dell.


  1. Speakers Bureau

    Manufacturing Speakers Bureau

    This site introduces you to experts in the manufacturing industry, gives you access to knowledgeable resources and allows you to request a speaker for your next event.

Case Studies

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    Freescale Semiconductor


    Global embedded hardware developer replaces 18 global data centers with a centralized virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) built on Dell™ technology. The Dell VDI reduces IT costs and provides “in the office” app performance for globally distributed engineers.


  1. Finding Common Ground in the Industrial Internet

    "IT people and manufacturing people are natural enemies in the wild,” shared Mike Harmon at the 2014 M2M Evolution conference during a Production and Industrial Internet session.

  2. Bringing Digital Tech to American Manufacturers

    In October 2013 Dell sponsored Digital Manufacturing Revolution, the public launch of the Michigan Grid Cell™ Innovation Center at GE’s Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center, to promote advanced digital manufacturing in America.

  3. Thoughts from Autodesk University

    Panelist Andy Rhodes shares his thoughts from Autodesk University 2013: The Future of Workstation Computing.

  4. Quest for Perfect Wave Starts with Perfect Surfboard

    Modeling a surfboard requires the ability to manipulate hundreds of data points in real-time.

  5. How IT Can Fix 3 Biggest Manufacturing Problems

    Manufacturing is dealing with the problems of a global supply chain, rising costs and finding skilled labor. But IT has a solution for each.

  6. Time is Ripe for Mobility in Manufacturing

    Advances in mobile technology are helping the industry overcome numerous challenges.


  1. Kristen_Billhardt_Importance_of_IT_in_Manufacturing_pt_01_1280x720.jpg

    The Impact of IT in Manufacturing, Part 1

    Click “play” to watch this 80-second video about the impact IT can have in manufacturing. Learn how Dell can help you use technology to reduce paper, automate processes, connect people and simplify your organization.

  2. Kristen_Billhardt_Importance_of_IT_in_Manufacturing_pt_02_1280x720.jpg

    The Impact of IT in Manufacturing, Part 2

    Click “play” to watch this two-minute video about how engineers and designers can create products virtually with Dell High-Performance Computing and workstations, then simulate, debug and perfect before building a prototype — saving time and money.

  3. Kristen_Billhardt_Importance_of_IT_in_Manufacturing_pt_03_1280x720.jpg

    The Impact of IT in Manufacturing, Part 3

    Click “play” to watch this one-minute video about the role of IT in maintaining security in manufacturing. Learn what Dell can do to help protect your intellectual property even as you collaborate with colleagues all over the world.