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    City of Sunnyvale, California chooses Dell rugged laptops for public safety patrols


    The Public Safety department of Sunnyvale, California, uses ruggedized Dell Latitude E6420 XFR notebooks to help officers be more efficient and productive, increasing their overall street presence in the community by almost 2,000 hours a year.

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    York Region District School Board deploys Dell tablets to teachers for its BYOD 1:1 initiative


    Canadian public school system supplies teachers with 100 Dell Latitude 10 tablets with Windows 8 and an Intel® Atom™ processors to outfit them for a robust, mobile technology to support a student BYOD 1:1 initiative.

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    Isuzu Ung Nguan Tai Group increases system availability and sales


    Thai automotive dealership increases sales performance and overall employee productivity levels with virtualized data center and desktop infrastructure powered by Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell EqualLogic storage arrays & Dell Networking switches.

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    Northwest ISD deploys Latitude 10 tablets in the classroom - Video


    District administrators, teachers, and students chose Dell Latitude 10 tablet for their one-to-one student learning device, enhancing student engagement through personalized learning in a mobile environment.

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    Prentke Romich Company (PRC) develops and delivers assistive technology tablet by partnering with Dell OEM Solutions


    Assistive technology developer works with Dell OEM Solutions to help people with disabilities communicate more effectively by creating a device based on the Dell Latitude 10 Windows® 8 tablet.

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    Locala Community Partnerships improves healthcare services with an innovative private cloud


    A community healthcare services provider extends consultation times, increases patient-facing time by 5 per cent and the number of virtual contacts by 20 per cent with Dell private cloud solution and Dell laptops.

  7. 2014-commonwealth-games-10012402-end-to-end-infrastructure.jpg

    Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games gets end-to-end solution through Dell - Video


    Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games benefits from highly stable infrastructure backed by responsive support as event draws near.

  8. 2014-locala-10013110-mobile-healthcare-communications.jpg

    Locala Community Partnerships boosts healthcare services with the cloud - Video


    A community healthcare services provider extends consultation times, increases patient-facing time by 5 per cent and the number of virtual contacts by 20 per cent with Dell private cloud solution and Dell laptops.

  9. 2014-siu-10013352-latitude-10-tablets-mobile-learning.jpg

    Southern Illinois University (SIU) deploys Latitude 10 tablets to freshmen for a better, more affordable educational experience - Video


    University officials chose Dell, Intel and Microsoft® to help develop its “Mobile Dawg” integrated application, deployed to 2,600 incoming freshmen on Dell touch tablets with Intel® processors and Windows® 8.

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    Southern Illinois University (SIU) partners with Dell to develop and deploy mobile computing on campus


    Major public university partners with Dell, Intel, Microsoft and textbook publishers to launch “Mobile Dawg,” a tablet-based comprehensive suite of applications and e-texts to enhance students’ educational experiences, learning and retention.

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    Improve mobility and BYOD with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


    Learn how to manage and secure all your corporate-issued and BYO mobile devices—and the data on them—with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management.

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    Unlock the four layers of security with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


    Ensuring security can be difficult, especially when it comes to protecting enterprise data on devices you don’t own. Learn how to improve your mobility/BYOD security with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management.

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    Match mobility needs to your workforce with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


    Your workforce has differing mobility needs. Learn how meet the needs of everyone in your organization with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management.

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    Solve your mobile/BYOD challenges with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


    Learn how you can solve your mobility/BYOD challenges with Dell Enterprise Mobility Mangagement

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    Dell Tablet Learning Productivity


    Discover how you can enhance learning productivity in your classroom with Dell Latitude 10 tablet running Microsoft Windows 8 — an extremely flexible tool that enables students to share information and perform multiple tasks easily.

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    Dell Tablet Operational Efficiency


    Securely access your school network anytime and anywhere with Dell Latitude 10 tablet — a device that can help you deliver operational efficiency for IT administrators and school districts, while enabling personalized learning experience in the classroom.

  7. tablet-accessibility.jpg

    Dell Tablet Accessibility


    Enable mobility and empower learners with Dell Latitude 10 tablet — a device that offers accessible technologies that can help personalize learning and enable students achieve their educational goals no matter what level of technology they require.

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    Dell Enterprise Mobility Management Enables Your Unique Mobility/BYOD Strategy - Brochure


    Dell Enterprise Mobility Management is a mobile enablement solution built from industry-leading technology that securely manages endpoints and containers—for corporate or bring-your-own devices.

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    Implementing Mobility/BYOD Programs While Maintaining Regulatory Compliance - White Paper

    Poor compliance can result in financial penalties, litigation and damage to your company’s reputation. Learn best practices for maximizing employees’ mobile flexibility with mobility/BYOD without jeopardizing compliance.

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    Maximizing Mobile Efficiency and Productivity: Best Practices for Your BYOD Strategy - White Paper

    Enhancing employee mobility can pay significant dividends for organizations and employees. This paper examines the challenges of supporting BYOD initiatives and provides best practices that can help your organization overcome those challenges.

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    The Evolution of MEM

    What's driving BYOD – benefits for end users and IT of deploying these solutions:Cost savings for the company; to allow users device choice; to ensure that devices accessing the corporate network have the correct security/policies in place; to demonstrate progressiveness from the IT staff and company.

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    Enabling Devices and Device Management for Your Mobility/BYOD Program - White Paper


    To maximize mobile productivity, your employees need the right devices, and you need the right management solutions. Learn best practices for selecting mobile devices for your users and implementing the most effective management solutions.

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    Mobile Devices in the Enterprise: A Comprehensive Management Approach

    Manage end-user devices in your IT environment with the Dell Mobile Management approach to BYOD and device management. Review the architecture, best practices and test results to help you implement an effective strategy to provision, secure and support mobile devices.

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    Future-proof Your Mobility Strategy with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management - White Paper


    Given the continuous changes in the mobile landscape, how can your organization future-proof its mobility strategy? Learn how to accommodate a wide range of variables today and prepare for supporting future devices, operating systems, work habits and mobile enablement strategies.

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    Securing the Enterprise Workspace: Protect Your Organization While Supporting Mobility and BYOD - White Paper


    As part of your mobility/BYOD strategy, how do you expand access to corporate applications and data while preventing costly security breaches? Learn how to bolster security across enterprise networks and mobile platforms.

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    Dell Mobility Solutions: A Powerful Portfolio for the Evolving BYOD Enterprise - White Paper


    Both users and organizations can benefit from mobile device programs. But, the use of personally owned or choose-your-own mobile devices can present challenges. Learn how to create and implement a BYOD strategy that is right for your organization.

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    Enhance and Optimize Your Mobility/BYOD Infrastructure for Access and Security - White Paper


    Expanding mobility/BYOD programs often require infrastructure and security optimization to adapt to more workers and devices. To do this, you need to consider comprehensive, flexible solutions that integrate with your existing infrastructure.

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    Transforming Enterprise Applications for Mobile/BYOD Environments - White Paper


    Preparing enterprise applications for the diverse array of mobile devices is a key challenge for IT. Learn how to deliver a productive, user-friendly experience on mobile devices while maintaining security and streamlining application management.

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    Mobility solutions tailored to your organizational needs


    Implement a mobility strategy that suits your needs with Dell Mobility Application Services — a portfolio of solutions and services that can help you develop, test, implement and manage tailored mobility solutions that match your business process and device platforms.

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    Make Mobile Solutions Work for Your Business


    Design, build and implement a customized mobility solution for your enterprise with Dell Mobility Services. Join the Dell Mobility Services workshop and learn how you can reduce support costs and improve security while ensuring user productivity.

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