Dell Advantage for Networking

The Dell approach to networking: Make it open. Make it simple. Make it economical.

Modern applications call for a modern network — one that can meet growing bandwidth needs, accommodate increases in east-west traffic, and fulfill the demands of a fast-growing mobile workforce.

We’re ready to help you transform your network from a closed, proprietary architecture to one that lets you chart your own course with:
  • Platforms that are interoperable, open-standards-based, SDN ready and modular
  • Flatter, faster, more easily managed fabrics
  • User-centric, application-aware wireless solutions for your campus
We give you vendor flexibility and a different way of doing business that can transform your network, redefine your IT economics and accelerate your results. Our networking solutions help you:
  • Connect, consolidate and converge in-rack server and storage elements with 10/40GbE switching technologies
  • Accelerate east-west traffic, and lower cost structures with high-performance, automated data center fabrics
  • Connect end users and end points through wireless and wired solutions optimized for mobility and multimedia
And our value-add doesn’t stop at networking. Dell’s unique solutions optimize your network beyond the infrastructure, with validated solutions for servers, storage, networking, security, and support across the enterprise.

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