Industries Served

Dell helps OEMs launch products in a wide variety of industries

Dell supports OEMs who build a wide array of their own hardware-based products. They all need high-quality, stable and well-engineered technology to run their solutions — and they trust Dell OEM to deliver world-class hardware and services to serve as the backbone of their solution.
Here are a few key industries:
Communications Telecommunications

Includes: Cloud solutions, data center hardware, global manufacturing, integration and support, mobility applications, security solutions, "Carrier Grade" servers and storage, and dedicated operational expertise.

Healthcare Healthcare

Includes: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), X-ray, digital imaging, dental imaging, clinical information systems, pharmaceutical distribution and life science.

Industrial Industrial

Includes: Test and measurement, control and automation, document sorting, mail sorting document and management.

Retail and Customer Interactive Solutions Retail and Customer Interactive Solutions

Includes: Banking automation, retail point of sale (POS), hospitality, electronic ticketing, digital signage, entertainment and gaming, HR applications and image processing.

 Aerospace abd Defence  Aerospace and Defense

Includes: Video surveillance, X-ray screening, contaminants monitoring, visual identification, call center and emergency management.

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