Services tailored to you, your solutions, and your customers

Turbocharge your solutions with Dell’s flexible services and support for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). By building your solution with Dell and Intel®, you can take advantage of our unique ability to customize your solution in factory, for faster and more affordable time to market, and provide your customers with access to the Dell and Intel® global services organization — comprising more than 15,000 certified field technicians spread across 60 expert technical support centers and 180 countries. We know that consistent, high-quality solutions and support are important to you and your customers. Let us help you balance innovation with execution to run your business better and be more competitive.

Reduce complexity and lower your costs with our end-to-end services and global support
Reduce Complexity
Talk to Dell About OEM solutions.
International Tech Support
New Dell ProSupport
Cloud Offerings
Software, infrastructure or platform delivery through an on-site or off-site cloud solution.

Multivendor Support

Providing warranty and break-fix support for both Dell and non-Dell hardware, allows Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Solutions customers to simplify support while improving service to their field.

Custom Service Support

Custom account support for both third-party hardware, as well as first and second call support for hardware and/or application support for OEM or end-user customers.

Managed Security

Actively managing and monitoring infrastructure and applications for threats and vulnerabilities, and providing security to Data and I.T. Assets.

Mobility Services
Mobility lifecycle services including: Device Management, Security, Integration, Application Management, Maintenance and Support.
Support Services
Extend your warranty by 90 days on OEM-Ready hardware with global support at no additional cost. Choose the offers that best fit the needs of you and your customers:
  1. Dell prosupport

    ProSupport for OEM

    Extend your warranty by 90 days on OEM-Ready hardware with comprehensive global support at no additional cost.

  2. ProSupport Plus Enterprise

    ProSupport Plus for Enterprise

    Proactive support for critical systems

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    International Contact Numbers for Dell Technical Support

    A comprehensive list of direct dial phone numbers (toll) to reach Dell Technical Support in different regions. Please have proof of purchase of your Dell tech support contract available, as we must verify eligibility before providing technical assistance for hardware on servers, desktops, laptops, storage systems and defined solutions.

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    Dell OEM Services Fact Sheet

    Reduce complexity and lower costs with solutions developed and delivered specifically for your organization, your solutions and your customers. As a result, you can focus on the strategic needs of your business.

  3. Dell OEM Configuration Services

    Dell OEM Configuration Services

    Get customized systems ready to work right out of the box — direct to you or your customers.

  4. Multivendor Support for OEM Solutions

    Multivendor Support for OEM Solutions

    Comprehensive and collaborative support to help you simplify the management of your heterogeneous installed base

  5. IT Advisory Services for OEM Solutions

    IT Advisory Services for OEM Solutions

    Help reduce downtime across your installed base with reporting, analysis and planning