Dell OEM Solutions — Defense Market

Dell OEM Solutions — Defense Market

Mission-critical applications need to be built to last

No market has challenges as extreme as those faced in defense, and Dell takes pride in the fact that leading industry operations trust Dell original equipment manufacturer (OEM) computing hardware and components to meet those challenges, in theater, in border security, in your airspace and in intelligence matters.

For over two decades, Dell has maintained a special relationship with this industry. Our dedicated Dell OEM team understands what you need from a supplier locally, nationally and internationally.

Defense — Unique Market, Unique Solutions

You depend on performance at the highest level in the most challenging conditions. We know that quality and reliability have to be second to none for you and your customers. That's why we've invested in designing products to overcome:

  • Extreme environments and operating conditions
  • The need for long lifecycles
  • The challenge of technical support, worldwide

Rugged Through and Through

Because reliability is key, we've specifically ruggedized our hardware to withstand extreme and hazardous environments. Our systems, all based on open standards to allow simple and streamlined compatibility with existing technology, offer you:

  • Tier 1 system quality and stability
  • The ability to ruggedize to your needs
  • OEM-specific customization

High-Performance, Standardized Products

Today's defense systems can require advanced levels of processing power. Our high-quality components are proven in the field on labor-intensive systems such as radar and submarine operations. To ensure that these products are as intuitive as they are powerful, we use open standards across the board, further reducing development time and easing migration pain.

Long Lifecycle

We know that the defense industry builds products to last and which often have lifecycles of over 20 years. To match this, we've invested in long lifecycle products, and help you achieve longer stability and reliability with total lifecycle management. Some of the ways we've helped drive down cost and minimize upgrade disruption include:

  • Sharing our product road maps
  • Providing product prerelease
  • Ensuring our engineers work closely with yours

Global Technical Support

When the product moves from the factory to the field, we know your customers need a global support network. We're proud to say that we can send specialized OEM engineers to deliver on-site technical support that can be where it is needed, when it is needed.

Reduced Cost of Ownership: It's Simple

We pioneered the idea of simplified IT. From products to solutions, each piece of Dell technology is designed to reduce the cost of deployment, support and management. In addition, we have invested some 25 years in developing a supply chain that is among the most effective and efficient in the world. This chain provides behind-the-scenes efficiencies that can lower your costs in configuration, customization and shipping.

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