OEM Server Appliance Branding Program

Examples of Branded Server Appliances From Dell and Intel® OEM Solutions

You’ve worked hard and spent precious resources building your company brand. Now you can put your brand on the Dell PowerEdge servers in your solution portfolio. From bezel to BIOS, your Dell PowerEdge server can look as if it was designed and built by you. Select from an array of branding options, including original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Ready, OEM Express, OEM Plus and OEM Custom. Regardless of the option you choose, you receive a Tier-1 server platform with regulatory certifications and Dell and Intel® services and support for OEM Solutions. With more than a decade of experience working with OEM customers, Dell and Intel® OEM Solutions offers a robust portfolio of branding options.

OEM Ready Power Edge Server
OEM Ready

If you prefer an unbranded server, Dell PowerEdge OEM Ready is the choice for you. We have removed Dell and Intel® logos, labels and other visible branding to provide you with an unbranded Tier-1 solution.

OEM Express Server Appliances
OEM Express

Give your customer a cohesive branded solution: your software product loaded on a Dell PowerEdge OEM-Ready server customized with your logo and choice of five colors. Select OEM Express and let your sales team guide you through this quick and easy branding process.

Company Branded OEM Server From Dell
OEM Plus

OEM Plus is the right choice if you need a higher level of customization. This solution offers customized colors or even your own custom image across the face of the bezel. Plus, you have the option of printing your model number, company name or other custom text on a secondary badge on the bezel or LCD panel.

Company Branded OEM Server From Dell
OEM Custom

If you need a highly customized look for your Dell server, OEM Custom will deliver. With branding options ranging from custom bezel design to custom colors and full-bezel graphics, this option offers the highest level of customization available.
  1. Dell prosupport

    ProSupport for OEM

    Extend your warranty by 90 days on OEM-Ready hardware with comprehensive global support at no additional cost.

Cloud Services
Deliver your OEM solution to end users via the cloud. 
Configuration and Fulfillment Services
Get systems pre-configured to your specifications, ready to work right out of the box.
Engineering Services
Efficiently design, customize and test your OEM solution. 
Image Management
Create, integrate, test and manage your OEM image.
Installation Services
Reduce costs and installation times at your customers' locations.
IT Advisory Services
Reduce downtime and better manage your distributed installed base with dedicated support contacts.
Multivendor Support
Simplify complex multivendor support and lower maintenance costs across your installed base.
OEM-Ready Products OEM-Ready Products

We can provide the OEM hardware you need to confidently take your products to market and showcase your own brand and image.

XL Program XL Program

The Dell OEM XL program allows you to better manage server, hardware and IT life cycles at your own pace. Get the flexibility, stability and support you need with Dell.

Dell appliance customers deal with challenges on a daily basis. The Dell OEM Solutions team realizes that, depending on where you are in your go-to-market process, you will have different questions or concerns.

We have an existing appliance.

  • How do we get a server comparable to the one we currently use?
  • Do we have to remove the branding?
  • How does Dell handle customization?
  • Will our appliance look the same?
  • How can I reduce my total cost of ownership (TCO)?

We are considering adding an appliance.

  • What are the minimum standards required to create an appliance?
  • What levels of customization can Dell perform?
  • How do we handle the project with Dell?
  • What can Dell offer above and beyond product?

We offer software only. Should we also offer it as an appliance?

  • What are the benefits of having an appliance?
  • It seems risky. What does Dell do to minimize risk?
  • How do we move from software to an appliance? What is the process?

We are concerned over product lifecycle in our appliance.

  • What does Dell offer us to help with our supply chain concerns?

Regardless of your current position, contact Dell OEM to learn more about how we can work together to meet your appliance needs.