Dell OEM Solutions offers Microsoft Windows Embedded Products

Let Dell OEM handle your software installations, including Microsoft Embedded operating systems.

Are you installing your software using your own process or an extra integrator? Now you can receive your systems with your entire software stack preinstalled, with the Microsoft operating system activated and licensed by Dell and powered by Intel®.
Dell and Microsoft are pleased to offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers Microsoft® Embedded operating systems to meet their unique needs.

Unlike IT departments, OEMs require operating systems that:

  • Are licensed for customization and resale
  • Include just the features necessary to get the job done
  • Address fixed function devices
  • Provide a controlled experience for your users that integrates with your applications
You can use the same factory processes that install the software on hundreds of thousands of Dell PCs a year to install your software just the way you need it. The licensing is flexible and allows you to sell the product as you see fit. Because Dell utilizes OEM hardware-based activation, your hard disk or software stack can be refreshed in the field and activation of the operating system will be automatic, even if no internet connection is available.

By utilizing Microsoft Windows Embedded products and Dell customization services, OEMs can:  
  • Have Dell license, install and activate Windows Embedded products for you
  • Receive products from Dell that are ready to ship to your end customer and include your specialized software stack
  • Have end-to-end software stack management without adding extra touches outside of the Dell factory process
If you are not using Microsoft Embedded products today, but you’d like to, Dell OEM engineers can do the migration work on your behalf.

Microsoft Embedded licensing Process Explained

If you’d like to learn more about these services and products, please contact your Dell OEM sales representative.





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