With the Dell™ Chiller-Less Fresh Air solution, air is brought in from outside to the data center to support the cooling systems. The industry standard for data center temperature is 35º C, so the outside air needs to be cool enough to keep the temperature at or below that level. The Dell Fresh Air solution raises that limit, which means data centers can rely on outside air for longer periods throughout the year.

Dell has tested and validated a solution that sets the limit 10 degrees higher. The Dell Fresh Air solution:

  • Handles operating temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius
  • Withstands up to 90 percent relative humidity
  • Eliminates compressor-based cooling during certain parts of the year

Dell has validated a portfolio of servers, storage, networking and power infrastructure that have been developed for sustained operation at temperature ranging from minus 23 F (5º C) to 113 F (45º C) and allowable humidity from 5 percent to 90 percent. Recent tests have validated that the fresh air portfolio can tolerate up to 900 hours of 104 F (40º C) operation per year and up to 90 hours at 113 F (45º C).

This temperature-tolerant solution can accrue up to $100K of operational savings per megawatt (MW) of IT and eliminate capital expenditures of approximately $3M per MW of IT. In addition, the fact that these systems can tolerate higher temperatures means they are less likely to fail during facility cooling outages.

Improve energy consumption management and reduce the risk of facility cooling failures with the Dell Fresh Air solution.