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Taking Stock of Your Business

How certain are you of what’s going on in your business? Do you know what needs the most attention? Discovering opportunities for streamlining processes and reducing your overall IT costs means asking lots of questions:

  • Do jobs take too long to complete?
  • Do employees still use spreadsheets to analyze data?
  • Is the data center at full capacity?
  • Is a proprietary infrastructure eating up more and more of the IT budget?
  • Does that new application not run on the company’s existing database?
  • Are there applications that simply can’t go down during a migration?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, it’s time to gain control over your database environment. Dell provides advice and roadmaps, as well as delivers standards-based assessments, design and implementation. You deal with a single partner possessing the depth and breadth of resources to help evaluate your current and future IT demands.

  1. Dell Oracle Advisor Tool

    The Dell Oracle Advisor Tool provides an online guide to choosing the Dell | Oracle solution best suited to your large enterprise.

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