The Dell Difference

The Efficient Enterprise is Born Here

Dell has helped customers move to open, standards-based systems for more than a quarter of a century. Along the way, we’ve fine-tuned the tools and processes that enable you to standardize, simplify and automate your IT infrastructure so you can cut costs and boost productivity.

A Transformational Approach 
The dependency your business has on legacy systems can be a huge stumbling block to change. The fear of downtime can seem too great a risk. But it doesn’t have to be.

Push past the status quo with Dell Services. Get the help you need to enhance business and data center performance. Dell teams have deep industry expertise in bringing about improvements that lead to success, so your IT and business solutions work harder for you.

In-House Industry Expertise 
Dell has extensive experience in testing, validating and deploying Dell™ | Oracle® solutions that is second to none. In fact, Oracle gave Dell IT strategist Logan McLeod their Grid Architect of the Year award for his expertise in designing and managing the Dell global grid of several thousand Linux®-based servers.

Unmatched Time-to-Value 
Fast deployment is key to a fast return on your investment. With configurations that are tested and validated, Dell helps you get going with less data center downtime.

Guidance at Every Phase of Your Business Cycle 
Careful planning and know-how can greatly improve the success of a new Oracle implementation or its migration from a proprietary environment onto x86. From initial consideration through implementation and support, Dell Services can help ease deployment, minimize risk and lessen disruptions to your daily operations.

What’s more, Dell is the largest Oracle reseller that offers a three-year service contract for hardware and software. Your enterprise benefits from longer-term support security, with single-source convenience and accountability.

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