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Dell™ Fresh Air: High temperatures. Low costs.

Managing your data center efficiently can be a hot topic — with a high price tag for your IT organization. First you pay to power your data center, then you pay again to cool the heat generated by that power. Rising energy costs and environmental regulations only add to the cost and complexity.

Dell Fresh Air-capable hardware can help address these challenges. It offers companies the option of cooling their data centers with outdoor air, reducing operational costs as well as the impact on the environment.

Dell Fresh Air-capable hardware:
  • Is validated to perform continuously at temperatures of up to 35°C (95°F) and for time-based excursions at up to 45°C (113°F) with humidity of up to 90 percent (29°C maximum dew point)
  • Can give your data center higher temperature capability even if you are not running your data center at 35°C
  • Can extend your ride-through time helping protect mission-critical data if your cooling system fails
  • Opens a wide range of data center cooling options with its temperature and humidity capabilities, including both air-side and water-side economization as well as a completely chiller-less data center
  • Expands the geographic locales where fresh-air data-centers can be deployed to almost anywhere in the world — some could even run as chiller-less data centers, which could significantly reduce capital costs
To demonstrate the extreme temperature tolerance of Dell Fresh Air-capable hardware, we built the Dell Fresh Air Hot House: an 8’ x 10’ outbuilding with no air conditioning that includes a rack running Dell Fresh Air-capable hardware. Located at Dell Headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, where summer temperatures can top 40°C (104°F), the Fresh Air Hot House uses 100 percent air-side economization and no chiller by pulling outdoor air into the structure and passing the hot air out with simple blowers.

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