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B2B procurement made simple

Move your technology orders into the modern world with PremierConnect—our global end-to-end electronic procurement process that integrates with your enterprise resource planning (ERP)/procurement system from catalog through payment. Securely shop a customized catalog from within your procurement system and then return the contents of your shopping session back to your ERP system electronically. Reduce paperwork and minimize order-processing errors.
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PremierConnect streamlines procurement

  1. PremierConnect Benefits


    Time is money! Enjoy simplified product selection while reducing paperwork and order processing errors.

  2. PremierConnect Solution

    How It Works

    Discover how easy ordering can be by integrating your procurement system. Dell offers electronic procurement from catalog to payment.

  3. PremierConnect Key Features

    Key features

    Maximize your ERP capabilities with a secure electronic B2B solution.


See PremierConnect in action

  1. punchout-premierconnect-demo.jpg

    Video: PremierConnect: ERP Integration With a Punchout Catalog


    Learn how to streamline your procurement process using a PremierConnect Punchout Catalog from Dell — the customized catalog that is hosted and maintained on Dell’s Premier Page.

Guides and documents

Learn more about PremierConnect

  1. Click here to read the PDF

    Benefits of Dell PremierConnect

    Learn more about the ROI and quantitative benefits of integrating your enterprise resource planning (ERP)/procurement system with Dell Premier Page, helping you speed procurement, lower costs, maximize accuracy and streamline processes.

  2. premierconnect-integration-guide.pdf

    PremierConnect Integration Guide

    Learn what to expect during the B2B implementation process in this comprehensive technical integration guide, which provides mapping specifications for electronic purchasing transactions.

  3. dell_premierconnect_capabilities_guide.pdf

    PremierConnect Capabilities Guide

    Discover how PremierConnect provides integration with procurement applications and supplier networks, plus features such as electronic purchasing, order tracking, eInvoicing and electronic payment.

  4. premier-connect-salesedge.pdf

    PremierConnect Shopping & Ordering Guide


    Find out how to shop and order from your Dell Premier Page with PremierConnect in this buyer's guide.

Help, when and where you need it

Whatever your situation, we are ready to help. This includes providing B2B integration expertise to implement these solutions.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Dell ProConsult™ Services are available in the U.S. and Canada to provide a Dell technical team at your site to help deploy any phase of your procurement solution.

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