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The traditional purchase path has changed. No longer can retailers stock shelves for forecasted demand of typical items and expect customers to walk in and buy whatever is available, at the posted price. With the rise of the connected consumer, shopping has become a competitive exercise of hunting the most sought-after products and services, at the best price, from the seller with the strongest reputation — an exercise fueled by the tribal knowledge found in social media interactions:
  • Customers expect you to be social. Consumers say that how much money they spend with a retailer is influenced by their level of social media engagement.
  • Anyone can provide expert advice on what and where to buy. Many consumers trust earned media such as social media, word of mouth and recommendations from friends, family and influencers above all other forms of advertising.
A strong social media presence can help your retail business:
  • Drive sales by deepening customer engagement
  • Implement promotions, discounts and coupons
  • Enable recall notifications, refunds and rebate redemption through mobile channels
  • Identify customer demand for new products/services
  • Identify and remedy product quality and customer service issues more quickly
  • Gauge your brand strength
  • Provide your analytics team with access to real-time, actionable data
Our social media services are designed to help you understand and attract loyal customers that buy, recommend and buy again. Contact a Dell retail expert to take advantage of our experience in social media consulting, listening and insights services to help your organization stay competitive and build your brand reputation.
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