Cloud computing

Meet dynamic business demands

Introducing a one-stop shop model for in-store cloud computing
You’re looking for ways to thrive amid the challenges of today’s retail environment:
  • How do you integrate the mobile devices your store employees use?
  • How do you deploy IT assets effectively within the store environment?
  • How do you protect customer and other proprietary data?
  • How do you keep costs in line?
Dell Cloud Client Computing for Retail is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Transform your store IT system
Previous retail cloud strategies did not address today’s advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems and applications, nor was there a single solution available from one reliable vendor. Now there is. You can move beyond yesterday’s retail infrastructure with seamless, end-to-end retail cloud computing. With the Dell Cloud Client Computing for Retail solution, you can make your store IT system more flexible and efficient and manage your costs simultaneously.

Reap the benefits of in-store cloud computing
Maximize efficiency for today’s advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems and applications with the power of cloud computing. Our end-to-end cloud computing strategy combines proven hardware, expert services and your choice of software from some of the industry’s leading vendors. Simplify your store system hardware by hosting and managing complex POS and inventory systems centrally in the store or in the cloud. Dell Cloud Client Computing for Retail can help you make the transition by allowing you to meet the following dynamic business demands:
  • Use any application, any device, anytime.
  • Respond to changing business goals and store IT needs quickly.
  • Use reliable, cost-effective endpoint devices.
  • Easily repurpose endpoints for POS, kiosk, customer service or back office.
  • Replace endpoints without imaging or staging.
  • Improve your data security system.
  • Protect sensitive data with centralized storage.
  • Lower your power requirements.
  • Reduce your operating expenses.
Want to learn more about the power and potential of the cloud in retail operations? Read this white paper or contact a Dell expert to learn more.
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