Dell Strategy for Rugged Solutions

No matter what type of work you do, we have a solution for your demanding operating conditions. Latitude Rugged solutions give you the right tools to stand up to whatever challenges you face.

Latitude Rugged products are ideal for a wide variety of scenarios, including:

Soldiers with Dell Latitude Rugged laptops.When the mission is critical — Military and federal agencies rely on technology to help enforce national security. Latitude Rugged has the tools to keep their important applications up and running in harsh environments. Latitude Rugged products are independently tested by third-party facilities to military standards to validate durability.
Police officers in patrol car with a Dell Rugged laptop.In vehicle, on the go — First responders rely on technology to keep up with them on-the-go. The mobile nature of their work demands performance and reliable wireless connectivity to transmit large amounts of data quickly and securely.

Insurance agent using a Dell Rugged tablet computer.On the job, in the field 
Using technology in the field requires devices to be mobile, yet tough enough to handle rough usage in the elements. Latitude Rugged products are optimized for mobile use in a variety of field conditions.

Dell Rugged laptops in a factory setting.                                                  When performance matters — In industrial 
                                                 and manufacturing environments, computing
                                                 solutions must be powerful enough to
                                                 compute complex issues yet durable
                                                 enough to withstand tough conditions,
                                                 including extreme temperatures, dust,
                                                 humidity and accidental drops. Latitude
                                                 Rugged enables reliable high-performance
                                                 computing in these environments.

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