What Is Dell's SAP Solution?

  1. SAP Solution for Mill Products Companies

    23 Apr 2012

    Learn how the Dell SAP Solution for Mill Products — based on the best practices of the mill products industry — can help you improve inventory management and profitability while reducing operating costs.

  2. Dell Boomi: SAP Integration Made Easy

    04 Nov 2011

    Become familiar with the Dell Boomi AtomSphere SAP integration solution and learn the advantages of a pure cloud integration platform that delivers enterprise-class SAP integration while reducing time, costs and complexity.

  3. The Dell Optimized Business Intelligence Program

    30 Mar 2010

    Find out how the Dell Services Optimized Business Intelligence program can integrate with your existing enterprise data systems, and help you jump-start your business intelligence (BI) strategy to give your organization a competitive edge.

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