Many people now entering the job market are part of a generation of young professionals who have never known a world without internet connectivity. They maintain relationships on social media, access files from anywhere with online storage, and select the applications and information they work with through technology such as Google Apps and Wikis.

In many cases their personal devices, connectivity and data plans are superior to those provided by their employer. To attract and retain those, enterprises must embrace consumerization and the mixing of personal devices with business networks. Embracing consumerization, on the other hand, means that organizations run the risk of exposing themselves and their business to data loss, network breaches and damaged reputations.

Managing and securing user devices.

Regardless of whether you sponsor "Bring Your Own Device" programs or simply tolerate user-owned or user-liable devices on the corporate network, the fact that devices not controlled by corporate IT can access corporate resources creates immediate concerns.
  • Consumer devices can introduce malware or backdoors.
  • Data and access credentials can fall into the wrong hands if devices are lost or stolen.
  • Enabling these devices on the network introduces new user and support challenges.
  • Enterprises can struggle to secure user-owned PCs if they don’t meet performance baselines.
Securing social media.

As users leverage social media, forums and Wikis for communication, enterprises increasingly adopt these technologies for business purposes too. In this process, they need to ensure that:
  • Customer web applications are secure and cannot be exploited.
  • Collaboration applications do not host or spread malicious content.
  • Sensitive corporate information is secure.
Maintaining visibility and control.

Visibility is the #1 prerequisite to effective security in this new IT paradigm. Locating devices and users, monitoring communication patterns and pinpointing suspicious activity will make the difference between happy, productive users in a reasonably secure environment and IT-anarchy, chaos and exploding cost.