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Mitch Dorius
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Fusion-io is the developer of ioMemory, an innovative new solid-state technology that:

  • Dramatically increases bandwidth and application performance
  • Reduces latency
  • Simplifies your IT infrastructure

Fusing Hardware and Software Fuels Speed, Efficiency and Reliability
Fusion's ioMemory is an entirely new building block for data center applications. Containing 100 times the density of RAM, ioMemory overcomes the physical and thermal limitations of the medium and provides applications to near limitless amounts of fully scalable memory for accelerating throughput, driving higher performance density and efficiency in application server platforms. A single ioMemory module has the capacity of 100 memory modules and the performance of 1,000 disk drives, making it the one of the industry’s most efficient and cost-effective medium for processing large amounts of data very quickly.

Fusion’s software solutions are built on the ioMemory Virtual Storage Layer (VSL), a flash-optimized OS subsystem that allows ioMemory to interact with the CPU, and system memory as a new tier of memory, and yet emulates a block-based storage device to applications. Fusion's ioMemory VSL also enables sophisticated reliability and endurance-enhancing techniques to transform even the most challenging underlying medium (flash or other) into a dependable, reliable, long-lasting enterprise-grade product.

The Data Supply Problem: Servers Sitting Idle
Fusion-io recognized that mechanical storage architectures do not keep pace with advances in digital processing power. This meant that despite major advances in technology, data processing was limited to the speed of legacy storage infrastructures. Without a solution designed to maximize their capabilities, modern CPUs sit idle while they wait for data to process.

It's Time to Lose the Wait
Fusion-io solves the data supply problem with a new purpose-built solution. By combining hardware and software to develop a reliable storage memory platform, Fusion-io gives servers native access to data to accelerate enterprise databases and applications. This allows enterprises to eliminate bottlenecks, maximize efficiency, reduce costs and simplify maintenance.

Offered in a number of capacities to custom fit a solution to your needs, Fusion ioDrives are one of the industry's most efficient and cost-effective resources for unleashing the performance of your applications. Key benefits of Fusion ioDrives include:

  • 3–10X infrastructure consolidation — Slash infrastructure expenditures, maintenance overhead, power and cooling costs.
  • 3–10X application performance — Eliminate I/O (input/output) bottlenecks to dramatically accelerate applications and databases.
  • Enterprise reliability — Get advanced error checking and correction (ECC), N+1 chip-level parity, longest life/predictable wear out, no volatile digital RAM.

Dell and Fusion-io are building joint solutions to address customers' data center needs. Currently, the parties offer specific solution sets in the following areas:

Database and Application Acceleration: Dell ioDrives deliver unmatched performance to accelerate your database applications. ioDrives can be used for any database platform on supported operating systems including Microsoft® SQL Server® and Oracle®.

Virtualization: With Dell’s nonvolatile, high-performance ioDrives, virtualization customers can now run any application, regardless of workload, on any qualified Dell server. Enterprise customers can also make much more efficient use of their existing IT infrastructure with as much as a tenfold increase in the number of virtual machines each server can support. This enables organizations to truly unlock the benefits of virtualization in both enterprise server and virtual desktop interface (VDI) environments without the need for massive system upgrades.