The Dell Advantage for Connected Security

Innovative, pragmatic solutions for your biggest security challenges

For most companies, security relies heavily on a layered, perimeter-based approach that focuses outside of the organization. However, faced with increasing numbers of remote workers, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, growing use of social media, and increasing reliance on cloud and virtualization technology, security strategy must evolve to fit within limited budgets that aren't growing as fast as the threats they are meant to protect against.

Protection today — and protection for whatever comes next
With our comprehensive lifecycle approach, you're protected from the device to the cloud. We’ve integrated industry-leading security technologies across the entire business so that individual pieces can be connected, working better together for superior insights and decision making. Our solutions are modular yet integrated, and scalable for any-size business. Through shared predictive, context-aware and human intelligence, your data and assets are protected 24x7x365, ensuring uninterrupted business operations, reducing complexity and making it easier to meet compliance requirements. And because our solutions are always open and scalable, you have the built-in ability to scale as your business grows.

Collaborative security and business solutions that work better together
Dell’s security technologies and services are not only best-in-class ­— we discover and leverage synergies between solutions. The shared, context-aware and predictive intelligence that results leverages insights to drive proactive detection and mitigation of security risks. You get protection from device to cloud, anytime, anywhere. Competing vendors often limit customer choice because of their limited portfolios. Our flexible, open approach offers you a broader range of options now and in the future. 

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