Application Re-architecture

Realize new initiatives on a modern application architecture
Increase business agility, reduce risk and enable strategic initiatives by re-architecting your legacy applications.

Organizations often rely on custom, homegrown applications to make their business more efficient, responsive and competitive. For those running custom applications on legacy systems, application modernization and new technology advancements provide a proven way to further enhance competitive advantage in the market while lowering ongoing operational costs.

Dell application re-architecting is a proven methodology to protect your business logic and application assets during transformation to a modern architecture. Our patented IP manages all project aspects: data migration, code generation, design and analysis of existing, and new application states, and includes support for a large number of source languages (including COBOL, RPG, Pacbase, MUMPS and more).

Application re-architecting addresses the following:

  • Reduced business agility. By modernizing, companies reduce overall complexity and can quickly embrace strategic directives through an architecture that supports cloud, mobile or virtualized environments.
  • Growing enhancement backlog and requests. Modernizing provides organizations with the opportunity to eliminate redundant and outdated code while also incorporating high-priority enhancements.
  • Need for transparent or real-time applications. Lack of insight into applications and the nature of batch processing causes organizations to fall out of step with regulatory compliance and customer expectations.

Benefits of application re-architecting include:

  • Increasing IT efficiency with agile architectures that allow your business to continue to grow, quickly adapt and respond to changes in business demands such as cloud computing, virtualization and mobile deployment.
  • Reducing time, effort and cost to add new functionality.
  • Accelerating business growth by supporting changes in business process through application enhancements and new technologies.
  • Maintaining key business differentiation provided by applications, capturing tacit knowledge.
  • Lowering operating costs allow for increased investment into growth initiatives.
  • Mitigating risk by conforming to industry-specific compliance regulations.

Let Dell help you re-architect your applications to minimize risk and cost. Dell will dramatically reduce the amount of custom code in your legacy application portfolio without changing workflows or the way you do business. 

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