Application Migration and Re-hosting

Is your organization struggling with how to reduce annual operating costs without affecting daily operations?

Resolve these challenges by migrating and modernizing legacy application environments to updated platforms. This will better position your business to address new requirements such as cloud computing, mobility and virtualization.

Dell application re-hosting solutions move existing business logic and data investments onto modern platforms. Re-hosting cuts the annual operating costs associated with legacy systems for many customers by 30 to 70 percent, while providing a safe path forward for IT assets.

With an end-to-end solution approach that includes software, hardware and services, Dell application re-hosting reduces the costs and complexities of application modernization initiatives.

Application re-hosting addresses the following:

  • High annual operational costs. Dramatically reduce annual software fees and hardware maintenance costs associated with legacy systems.
  • Investment protection for legacy applications that work well today. Move application and data investments onto updated platforms and extend the life of valuable IT assets.
  • Complex, aging IT systems. Eliminate proprietary platforms and consolidate legacy applications onto the same strategic environments being deployed for new initiatives.

Benefits of application re-hosting include:

  • Reducing annual software and hardware costs.
  • Simplifying IT environments to better accommodate growing workloads and changing demands.
  • Minimizing business disruption and retraining requirements.
  • Freeing funds for future innovation.

What can Dell re-host?

Dell can re-host legacy applications from a variety of platforms including mainframes and legacy UNIX® systems.

With over 1,300 installations worldwide, Dell has a large and proven reference base for re-hosting mainframe environments such as IBM® CICS® applications, IBM IMS™  transactions and COBOL programs. Our technology is the result of nearly two decades of product development and is complemented by a reference architecture that addresses the complete environment including third-party tools and utilities.

With no vested interest in legacy platforms and a commitment to industry standards, Dell has a solid track record for re-hosting proprietary UNIX environments such as application servers, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and Java™ programs.

Let Dell help you re-host your applications to dramatically reduce operating costs and enhance the way you do business.

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