Asset Resale and Recycling

We’ll take care of the old, so you can focus on the new.

Identity theft. Standards compliance. Environmental liability. While every company strives to be environmentally sensitive, these concerns also weigh on today's businesses. From personal financial information to highly confidential health records, the information on business servers, desktops and laptops includes sensitive and proprietary data that fall into the wrong hands if you don’t take action.

Whether you own or lease, want to resell or recycle, Dell has got you covered when it comes to managing your end-of-life IT. We help you protect sensitive data by removing tags and labels from equipment, overwriting1 readable hard drives and shredding inoperable disks. If we determine your equipment has value, we can help you reclaim that money through our Asset Resale service. If not, we can recycle it for you. Either way, we help prevent your equipment from ending up in a landfill and lower your environmental footprint.
Solutions to Achieving Data Security and Environmental Responsibility

IT Asset Recycling                                         ARR1
For equipment without resale value, we
recommend Asset Recycling. To help ensure
environmental and legislative compliance, we
will handle the logistics of properly disposing
your used equipment in a way that meets
local regulatory guidelines.

IT Asset Resale
If you're interested in reselling your used
technology, we'll ship your systems to our
facilities and determine their value.
Equipment without residual value will be
recycled. For those systems which qualify
for resell, you will be able to choose
between the following two options for data

• Resale with off-site data wipe — We will pick up your systems and perform a three-pass data wipe by overwriting data on your seated hard drive using an automated script. If your hard drive is not functional, we will destroy it in a controlled environment.
• Resale with on-site data wipe — We can provide an extra level of security by performing the three-pass data wipe of the seated hard drive at your site before the PC leaves your facilities.

IT Asset Lease Return

If you have leased systems that have reached the end-of-life stage, we can manage the logistics and processing of your equipment for return to your leasing vendor. You can choose the lease return option that’s right for your business:

ARR2                                                    • Transportation only — We come to your site,
                                                       pack your equipment and ship it back to your
                                                       leasing company. 
                                                    • Off-site data wipe — We come to your site,
                                                       pack your equipment and ship it to our 
                                                       processing center, where we perform a
                                                       three-pass data wipe of the seated hard
                                                       drives. Then, we clean and test your
                                                       equipment. After fully processing your
                                                       equipment, we’ll ship it back to your
                                                       leasing company. 
                                                    • On-site data wipe — In addition to packing
                                                       and shipping, we come to your site and
                                                       perform a three-pass data wipe of your
                                                       system's seated hard drives before the
                                                       equipment leaves your facilities.
We can handle your unique needs.

For customers who require nonstandard service or integrated deployments, Dell can provide flexible services including custom Asset Resale and Recycling services. Contact your Dell sales representative to find out what we can do for you.

For comprehensive information on these services, please visit www.dell.com/servicecontracts to view the service descriptions.


1Data Removal Process: No data removal process leaves a hard drive or computer as free from residual data as a new product. Dell makes no recommendations regarding the customer's security needs or representations regarding the effectiveness of one method of data removal over another. It is the customer's responsibility to protect any confidential or sensitive information contained on its hard drives recovered by Dell.
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