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Business success demands rapid data insights

Today’s competitive, data-intensive world requires instantaneous access to information insights. Traditional data warehousing technologies may struggle with vast and complex data sets, but Dell’s SAP HANA solution, part of Dell’s Active Infrastructure portfolio, delivers a new approach that can provide instantaneous access to results gleaned from mountains of disparate data.

Read on to learn more about SAP HANA solutions and learn how we are helping customers respond to business data faster with our new solutions.

SAP HANA is a multipurpose, data-source-agnostic, in-memory database appliance software optimized on established Dell servers, networking and storage, and delivered by Dell Global Services. Dell’s SAP HANA solution dramatically increases the availability and speed of business information. Available in both single server and larger scale-out configurations designed for business continuity, Dell’s full portfolio of SAP HANA certified solutions offer outstanding enterprise class features including:
  • Easy scalability: Every configuration is based on the Dell PowerEdge R910 and R920 server platforms to provide a consistent experience and a solid base for future expansion, without forcing “rip and replace” as system needs evolve.
  • Virtualization for development: Dell's 4 socket servers are certified by SAP for SAP HANA Virtualized, offering SAP HANA instances deployed in VMware VMs, and allowing for a more economical application development environment.
  • Enterprise class availability: Utilizing both fibre channel SAN technology and a highly available multi-node design, the Dell scale out solutions for SAP HANA are engineered to provide resiliency and easy expandability from 1TB up to 8TB and beyond.
  • High performance: Automated tiering of data with Dell Compellent storage software provides the quickest access to the data sets most needed for analysis.
  • Disaster recovery: Dell solutions for SAP HANA are all tested and able to provide remote disaster recovery through system replication. Scale out solutions will soon be able to offer storage replication, leveraging the unique features found in Dell Compellent SAN storage.
  • Modular growth: The Dell scale out solution is designed to grow modularly from 1TB up to 8TB in ½ TB increments, and do it without disruption to the existing system, preserving your investment as your system changes.
  • SAP applications in-memory:SAP Business Suite Application deployment is supported on Dell solutions for SAP HANA, enabling production business applications and business analytics to both enjoy the speed and performance of in-memory computing, without the need for multiple compute environments.
  • A single point of contact: Dell is your one source for all solution components — including SAP HANA software licenses — and engineering, and Dell Services provides end-to-end solution support and consulting expertise.
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