Cloud and Virtualization Consulting

Cloud and Virtualization Consulting – Plan your journey from virtualization to the cloud with Dell experts

At Dell we believe that a strong virtualization strategy can rapidly deliver on the promise of a modern, efficient and secure, cloud environment. Dell Consulting Services has developed a portfolio aligned to the progressive Journey from Virtualization to Cloud as defined stepping stones. We take a holistic and collaborative approach by analyzing your business objectives, impact on process and people and leveraging the right technology and products to meet your requirements.

Virtualization Readiness Assessment
Is your team exploring ways to lower costs with a virtualized infrastructure? Dell’s Virtualization Assessment service can provide the perfect entry point to either begin or expand your virtual environments. 

Virtualization Design and Plan
Dell believes that one size does NOT fit all. Our virtualized platform optimized design approach, developed and applied to our own IT infrastructures, focuses on your workloads and business use cases to provide a solution based on the best architecture platform for your business.

Virtualization and Cloud Operational Assessment & Management
Dell’s experience has shown that to successfully adopt and accelerate Virtualization and Cloud, it is important to understand the impact of the solution to our people and processes. Our Operational Assessment determines current state maturity, whilst deployment of our Management tools adopt the desired state and incorporate streamlining processes such as Capacity and Performance Management.

Virtualization Infrastructure and Performance Healthcheck™
Do you have concerns about the efficiency and configuration of your virtual environment? Dell’s virtualization infrastructure and performance health check services are designed to give you the confidence of a solid base architecture and reduce the risk of performance bottlenecks developing. It also identifies where better balancing of resources can achieve improvements in density and efficiency.

Cloud Readiness Assessment
Our consultants offer expertise and proven best practices to accelerate your roadmap and ease your transition to cloud. Dell consultants can help you define a strategy that includes the right technology, operational considerations, actionable plan and financial justification for your transition to the cloud.

Private Cloud Accelerator
Our experts will work with your team to adopt and expand a flexible cloud computing approach based on our proven experience Explore logical methods for expanding your computing, storage, and networking capacity into an enterprise cloud environment. Using our deep knowledge Microsoft and VMware technologies and extensive experience deploying private cloud solutions.

Benefits of Cloud and Virtualization Consulting include:
  • Expert review current issues and constraints
  • Gain clarity on common cloud pitfalls
  • Craft your organization’s specific cloud vision
  • Create a transformational program plan
  • Define clear benefits for line of business owners and IT, include the anticipated return on investment

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