Dell Application Services for Amazon AWS

Accelerate business, lower costs, and deliver IT innovation on the Amazon AWS platform

Priorities are changing rapidly in today’s market. Organizations are looking to grow their business, reduce the cost of maintaining their applications and legacy systems, and shift resources to higher value, more innovative projects. Cloud computing has become a viable solution for addressing these business needs and IT challenges.

As a leading cloud platform, Amazon’s AWS provides an open and usable set of services to build and run any application in the cloud. AWS gives customers choice and flexibility to move existing workloads or develop new applications using the language and platform of their choice.

Dell Application Services for Amazon AWS

As a Certified AWS Consulting Partner, Dell has developed a portfolio of services and tools to enable the enterprise cloud with solutions tailored to meet each customer’s unique set of goals and requirements.

Dell's strong relationship with Amazon translates into deeper insights and early access to new features and capabilities. We offer best-of-breed and proprietary tools for monitoring, scaling, notifications, security, SaaS enablement, data management, and other enterprise cloud management functions. We have solution centers where customers can explore performance, security, governance, and other considerations related to working with AWS. We also have seasoned professionals and a dedicated group of technologists who specialize in AWS deployments.

Dell offers a full suite of services for AWS including:

Transformation Services
  • Understand the benefits of cloud and identify the applications best suited for AWS
  • Move workloads, migrate existing applications, and extend on-premise applications to AWS
  • Convert legacy applications and deploy to AWS
Development Services
  • Custom design, development, integration, and testing of public, private, or hybrid applications in AWS
  • Deploy or re-deploy packaged applications on AWS in a public, private, or hybrid model
Management Services
  • End-to-end managed services for applications built on AWS
  • Robust protection, monitoring, governance, and automation for applications on AWS
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