• Help eliminate email downtime and data loss with EMS Email Continuity, a near-zero maintenance, on-demand service from Dell that backs up encrypted messages to a top-tier disaster-recovery data center
  • Activate the backup service within minutes of an outage
Millions of users depend on Dell™ Email Management Services (EMS) to eliminate the risk of email outages and data loss. The Dell EMS Email Continuity service is a standby email system that helps ensure your organization always has access to email without downtime or data loss.

Deploy in as little as a day.
Dell EMS Email Continuity provides access to a fully integrated standby email system when your primary Microsoft® Exchange or Lotus® Notes® email system fails. EMS Email Continuity is easily deployed in as little as a day, and once installed, synchronizes with the primary email system, populating users, distribution lists and calendars.

Capture email with ease.
As email is sent and received within the primary email system, a copy of each email is compressed and encrypted for transmission to the EMS data center. Data is available for search and continuity operations until the scheduled retention period expires.

Activate in minutes.
In the event of an outage of the primary mail system, EMS Email Continuity will queue mail at the Dell EMS data center and attempt to redeliver it until the primary system comes back online. After Dell EMS Email Continuity is activated, users may access their backup mailboxes. Activation can take place in minutes via the web or an authenticated phone call.

Recover email after a primary system outage.
When your primary email servers are restored to normal operation, EMS Email Continuity fully automates the process of migrating email and data back into your primary environment. EMS Email Continuity also retains all forensic information for messages, including sent/received time, folders, BCC recipients and read/unread status.

Help ensure BlackBerry users never lose access to email.
As an optional service, whenever Microsoft Exchange goes down, EMS Email Continuity allows users to continue to send and receive email from their BlackBerry® devices or over the web, virtually without interruption. BlackBerry availability will be maintained even if your BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) server is unavailable.

Users can also access their email inbox, calendar and contacts, as well as historical email through the Dell web-based client. The EMS BlackBerry client can be globally deployed with BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 or later, and does not require any end-user installation, configuration or activation.