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How does EMS Email Security filter and eliminate spam and viruses?
EMS Email Security utilizes an architecture that combines multiple third-party scanning engines, advanced perimeter defenses and proprietary predictive detection technologies to scan all inbound and outbound emails for spam and malware. Emails with viruses and other malware are blocked, and all email containing spam is redirected pursuant to block and redirect options set up by your administrators.

What platforms does EMS Email Security support?
All Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) — compliant email servers are supported, including Microsoft® Exchange and Lotus Notes® Domino.

How does EMS Email Security eliminate viruses?
EMS Email Security uses multiple virus engines that automatically add new virus signatures as they are identified. EMS acts as a firewall that protects your IT perimeter from directory harvest and denial-of-service attacks.

How does the system stay current?
In addition to the automatic update of virus and spam signatures, EMS Email Security uses machine-learning techniques to evolve with new spam and new virus attack methodologies, predicting and stopping new types of attacks.

How are safe/block lists managed?
There are two types of safe senders lists: the Global Safe Senders List that applies to everyone in the organization and Personal Safe Senders Lists. If a sender's address is included in a safe senders list, EMS Email Security filters messages from that sender for viruses or inappropriate content, but it does not filter the messages for spam.

There is also a Global Blocked Senders List and a Personal Blocked Senders List. These lists contain addresses of people, organizations and mailing lists from which you do not want to receive email messages (spam). EMS makes it easy for end users to manage safe/block lists from a web browser.

Does the service help ensure messages from my contacts are not blocked?
Yes. With EMS Email Security, you can choose to have an end user’s personal contacts automatically added to their personal safe lists.

How does the quarantine work?
When messages sent to end users are routed to quarantine, EMS Email Security sends end users an email notification that contains a list of the messages moved to quarantine. End users can then view message subjects and content and, for each, determine whether to release it from quarantine and deliver it to the inbox, or leave it in the quarantine for eventual deletion. EMS makes it easy for end users to manage quarantined mail from a web browser.

Does EMS Email Security consolidate aliases?
EMS automatically synchronizes directory information from the primary email system to help ensure that users receive a single intelligent digest of quarantined email, no matter how many email aliases and addresses they may use.

What is involved in the administration and maintenance of EMS Email Security?
EMS Email Security is able to eliminate manual administration of user lists and credentials and provide a unified administrative interface for rapid administration and customization.

Is EMS Email Security difficult to deploy?
No. EMS can be fully deployed and tested in hours, even for organizations with over 10,000 employees.

What hardware do I need?
A lightweight application is deployed in your environment to synchronize information with your corporate systems and encrypt data for transfer to the Dell™ EMS Email Security service.

Does Dell provide email encryption?
Yes, through Dell’s partnership with Symantec™, EMS Security provides boundary encryption, which encrypts the entire email connection between your organization and designated partners. For an additional cost, EMS Email Security also provides policy-based email message encryption that is cost effective and easy to deploy.

Dell EMS Email Security protects your email from viruses, malware, hackers, unwanted content and unauthorized personnel. Even if your company experiences an email outage, EMS Email Security works with Dell EMS Email Continuity to help ensure that your messages can still be encrypted during the duration of the outage. When used with Dell EMS Email Archive, your organization can encrypt messages in transit before they’re archived (archived messages are also encrypted while in storage).