• Get comprehensive spam protection with next-generation learning engine that inspects more than 500,000 attributes of incoming email
  • Automate spam and virus signature updates
  • Provide end-user control of personal quarantines and safe/ block lists
Dell™ EMS Email Security provides world-class email protection against spam, viruses and unwanted content and also encrypts email connections between your organization and designated partners without the daily manual maintenance required by alternative solutions.

Synchronize user information for rapid deployment
Directory synchronization is leveraged to:
  • Automate user management fully
  • Add personal contacts to safe lists automatically
  • Help ensure that invalid addresses are blocked before they reach your servers
By installing EMS and simply resetting your email exchange (MX) record, Dell EMS Email Security synchronizes with your primary system and begins filtering.

Enable user-specific quarantines and safe/block lists
Email that does not meet spam-safe criteria is redirected with multiple block and rerouting options that can be set up by your administrators. Depending on settings, administrators or end users can manage quarantined email and set up and edit blocked sender lists. An email containing inappropriate content or images — based on acceptable use policies set up by administrators — can be subjected to a range of actions based on your policies. Email can be:
  • Blocked or deleted
  • Redirected to administrator
  • Copied to administrator
  • Routed to global quarantines for administrators and optionally to personal quarantines for end users
The header or the subject line can be tagged. The existence of inappropriate content or image can simply be logged.

Users can easily view and release quarantined email through a daily digest delivered to their email accounts without the need for a separate login or user ID. End users are able to fine-tune their spam controls with personal safe/block lists accessed through an easy-to-use web interface.

Eliminate manual administration
Dell EMS Email Security effectively eliminates manual administration of user lists and provides a unified administrative interface for rapid administration and customization. Dell EMS Email Security protects your network with near-zero maintenance as a powerful on-demand service with fully automated configuration and optimization.

Effectively block spam, viruses and unwanted content
Dell EMS Email Security utilizes an architecture that combines multiple third-party scanning engines, advanced perimeter defenses, multilayered content and image filtering and proprietary predictive detection technologies to provide a high rate of spam and virus elimination with very few false positives and filters both unwanted and unauthorized content and images.

Link-tracking technology scans every URL within an email for threats, identifies traffic and connection management issues, and slows and rejects spam and virus attacks. Multiple commercial scanners also detect and reject known and identified viruses and spam. Proprietary predictive technology incorporates thousands of heuristic rules, smart signatures, fuzzy fingerprints and dynamic header analysis to identify unknown and new viruses and spam.