SAP Upgrade and Migration Services

Improve your SAP performance

Upgrading your SAP applications can provide additional functionality, such as improved business processes, information delivery and business intelligence. You can also stop worrying about the clock running down on support for older versions. Migrating SAP workloads to a more efficient, lower-cost platform — whether on-premise or in a Dell data center — can improve performance and reduce the time and cost of managing SAP applications. However, upgrading or migrating an essential business application such as SAP can be risky. Application downtime can significantly impact business. You also have to ensure secure and complete migration of mission-critical data to the new environment.

Trust Dell to get you there
Dell’s SAP Upgrade and Migration Services ensure a fast, smooth process, minimizing risk and downtime while helping you maximize business benefits. Our consultants work in close partnership with you, and manage all aspects of the SAP system upgrades and migration from planning and start-up, through functional development activities to go-live and support.

For SAP migrations, we evaluate legacy modernization needs and new environments side by side to understand needed features and functionalities before developing the most efficient transformation plan. In many instances, we can take advantage of our ZeroIMPACT™ Migration solution, which utilizes our SharePlex™ technology, to further minimize downtime, ensure the protection of your valuable data and eliminate risks during the migration process. Your legacy environment continues running while migration activities take place. All transactions occurring during the migration are captured and queued, and then synced to the migrated system. 

And if you are worried about performance in a new environment, you can migrate a subset of your SAP data to a new environment. You can then compare performance in both the legacy and the planned new environments side by side utilizing our Foglight™ technology before moving forward.

Our SAP Upgrade and Migration capabilities include:

  • An implementation work plan, including project management, tasks, resources, timelines, duration and dependencies
  • Full deployment of a production-ready application environment, including support for development efforts (reports, interfaces, data conversions, application enhancements, etc.) and testing of core business processes and system transactions
  • Migration of SAP application landscape to a new environment, in many instances utilizing our SharePlex solution
  • Side-by-side comparison of performance in legacy and new database environments utilizing our Foglight solution
  • Organizational change management and end user product migration tools and training
  • Design, build and deployment of industry-specific solutions and third-party packages
  • Management of system cutover and rollout, and postlaunch support
Benefits of SAP Upgrade and Migration Services include:
  • Maximize your SAP functionality and performance by upgrading to a newer version or migrating to a new environment
  • Prepare a detailed assessment of your current SAP environment and develop a migration plan, including new functionality, enhancements and architectures
  • Build, test and deploy your new SAP system capabilities — in many instances utilizing Dell’s SharePlex and Foglight technologies for ZeroIMPACT migration to a new database environment
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