Dell’s Global Trade Management organization will review your Export Compliance Certification Form for completeness and verify whether each commercially available software title on your Image has already been cleared for export by its publisher/owner. If the exportability of any software title cannot be verified, or if your Image includes internally developed software applications for which you are unable to provide the export control information, you will need to independently determine the exportability of such software. The following provides some basic information on how the exportability of a software application can be determined.
For information on export controls in general (the basics) please see the following provided by the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS):

Export restrictions may depend upon the strength of the software encryption algorithm and whether the system is amenable to key recovery by authorized government agencies.
For general information concerning encryption controls, visit the BIS Webpage and

If the software you are providing to Dell was developed by your own company, you will have to determine the exportability based on your knowledge of government controls on software, including the encryption level, if any, contained in the software. The guidance provided by the Department of Commerce can be used as aids, but are not intended as legal advice from Dell as to the exportability of your company’s internally developed software.
For counseling assistance, you may call a BIS export counselor at 202-482-4811 (Washington, DC) or 408-998-8806 (Northern California), or email them in Washington or California.