Dell Application Services for Force.com™ platform

With limited IT resources to support business process applications, it can be difficult to deliver applications that incorporate back-office data. Especially if you are looking to innovate and modernize applications while reducing the cost of maintaining old infrastructure and outdated applications.

Dell can help with a suite of end-to-end offerings utilizing our unique technologies and intellectual property to enable effective cloud application development, migration and managed services on Salesforce platform-as-a-service (PaaS). PaaS is tailored to meet your specific business requirements. We deliver strategies and solutions to enable cloud adoption across the enterprise including:

  • Expert advisory services: Dell, as an end-to-end cloud service provider, can assess your IT landscape and provide a cloud adoption roadmap 
  • Salesforce platform expertise: Dedicated center of excellence can help elevate cloud adoption and help reduce development timeframe, total cost of ownership and time-to- market 
  • Application transformation / migration: Application assessment and re-engineering as well as niche application identification and software-as-a-service enablement to drive business growth

Benefits of Dell Application Services for Force.com™ platform include:

  • Flexible and scalable solutions: Allowing you to integrate your cloud strategy with existing infrastructure.
  • Application development options: Including single-application development and multiple application rationalization/consolidation (Lotus Notes/ Portal on Salesforce Platform); single tenant and multi-tenant application development for application modernization
  • Adoption experience: Adopting Salesforce platform services for our own business needs helps ensure pitfalls are avoided and full business values are derived
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