• Save time by having your systems arrive pre-configured. 
  • Achieve global consistency and reliable builds across your entire organization.
  • Reduce configuration errors, ensure system stability and simplify logistics.

Hardware Customization

Adding value not cost

Performing 3rd party hardware and software integration on new systems can be frustrating, complex and costly when you do it in-house.

Dell configuration experts are here to help. We can install hardware components and software during the manufacturing process, so you receive your systems pre-configured and ready to go, with minimal or no customization needed by your in-house staff.

To help ensure that your new PCs have the same version of the same software, Dell experts can install any custom or proprietary software at the factory. Our automated installation process saves hours in deployment time and reduces any potential post-deployment issues. In addition, we can integrate packaged applications or custom applications as part of the standard factory load.

In addition, our experts can customize settings for BIOS, jumper cables, ports, scripting and hard drive partitioning. When supporting documentation is needed, we can include it with the equipment itself using our Drop-in-the-Box service.

Finally, we can install industry-standard components and the appropriate drivers at the point of manufacture, so your new PCs arrive ready to run, right out of the box. We can also source specific non-Dell components, such as network or graphics adapters, through our extensive supply chain and install them as part of our standard factory build.

Online First Article

Our Online First Article option provides an exceptionally fast, efficient way to review and validate images, BIOS, and other hardware and software integration and configuration prior to fulfilling volume orders. You simply log in to our portal to review your first article online. This saves time because you don’t have to wait for an overnight package. It eliminates the cost of a beta product build. And you can give immediate feedback, to which we can respond more quickly.
For more information, please contact a Dell representative