• Faster network and application delivery performance
  • Support for video, VoIP and cloud
  • Faster global performance for remote users
  • Minimize latency with acceleration technology
  • Eliminate single points of failure with load balancing
  • Proactively monitor applications
  • Fully-integrated and comprehensive environment

IT Consulting Networking Workshop

IT Consulting Networking Workshop: Analyze and accelerate your network performance

Become more informed and able to make confident decisions on where to focus your IT resources with the Dell IT Consulting Networking Workshop. In this half-day collaborative white-boarding session, you’ll have the chance to:
  • Explore tools and techniques to address network and capacity opportunities.
  • Understand current and future network demands.
  • Identify new applications, legacy infrastructure, performance degradation, mergers and consolidation.
The engagement will help you accelerate time to value for your next networking project, pinpoint potential time and cost savings and identify next steps for meeting your business goals within your budget.