NetSuite Services

Transform your business with NetSuite Cloud ERP

As companies grow globally, they are increasingly turning to cloud ERP to spur growth, manage mergers and acquisitions and manage finances at the speed of modern business. Compared to legacy, on premise-based software Cloud ERP is easy to deploy and maintain and gives companies the much needed agility for running today’s businesses. It facilitates the launch of new subsidiaries or integration of acquired companies quickly, and gets new units up and running swiftly without the up-front investment in time and resources of on premise software.

NetSuite is the world’s leading cloud ERP solution for wholesale distributors, manufacturers, retail, software and professional services companies. NetSuite also has modern infrastructure architected for the cloud with hassle-free upgrades and a flexible and customizable technology platform.

Benefit from end-to-end cloud ERP offerings

With a depth of expertise in ERP implementations, integration and business consulting, Dell offers end-to-end services for NetSuite, This includes software selection, implementation, customization and operation providing customers with the following benefits:
  • Select the right Suite: A global reseller of NetSuite, Dell can not only recommend the optimal configuration of NetSuite that is just right for your business, but also assist in provisioning of the NetSuite subscription, as well as provide the expertise required to configure / customize NetSuite for your business.
  • Connect and combine your cloud: Along with NetSuite, customers can also benefit from Dell’s existing cloud expertise including Dell Boomi AtomSphere, a NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Network SuiteApp, offering an extensive library of pre-built connectors for NetSuite-to-SaaS and NetSuite-to-on-premise integrations. These enable users to quickly connect any combination of cloud, SaaS, or on premise applications with no appliances, no software and no coding.
  • Unify your ERP systems: Deploying NetSuite in a two-tier ERP model provides organizations the ability to leverage their existing ERP investments through integration and financial process expertise. This enables companies to unify their ERP systems across their business structure and helps them integrate multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities all from a single cloud-based ERP system.
  • Gain from rapid continuous cloud innovation: Powered by the NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network, Dell extends NetSuite’s leading application suite deeper into a broad array of industries with targeted processes and functionality.
  • Benefit from omni-channel commerce: Dell can help retailers transform their operations with NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce platform. This platform enables retailers to shop online, buy or return in-store with complete visibility into orders, transactions and customer data. It also integrates multiple touch points across point of sale, ecommerce, order management and financials, enabling retailers to transform their operations and provide consistency across all channels.

Benefits of NetSuite Services include:

  • Benefit from end-to-end cloud ERP offerings, including assessing and selecting the right components, implementation, integration, customization and operation for NetSuite
  • Connect any combination of cloud, SaaS, or on premise applications with no appliances, no software and no coding
  • Integrate and unify ERP systems quickly and without hassle
  • Gain from rapid continuous cloud innovation from the cloud experts
Netsuite Services