• Learn best practices from Dell case studies and scenario role-playing
  • Get social media strategies for your specific corporate and industry needs
  • Find out how your team can use social media effectively

Social Media Best Practices Seminars

Team up with Dell to discover how social media can transform your organization

Do you need to establish or grow your social media presence? Are you in the very early stages, unsure where to begin? Or are you having difficulty getting advocacy, support and resources? Does your team need guidance on listening and social media engagement? Or do you want to find out how to empower your employees to use social media effectively?

Our interactive sessions offer insightful information specific to your unique corporate and industry needs. Using role-playing exercises, we go beyond traditional, slide-based lectures to teach best practices from Dell case studies. We share open leadership fundamentals that you can apply to your own corporate culture. Seminar topics include:
  • Social Media for the Executives 
  • The Roles of Social Media Listening and Use of Its Data 
  • Experience a Day in the Listening Command Center 
  • Developing a Social Media Training Roadmap
  • Creating a Social Media Training Course